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Will of William Wicking 1620


Name Place Date
Date Proved Ref. Main People Identified Fam Grp
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William Wicking Lud Wells, Cowden. Knt 24/01/1620 21/02/1620 PCC Prob 11/135 Wife Joan
Son: William (under 10)
Daughter: Elizabeth (under 10)
Nephews: William & John sons of brother John
Overseers: John Wickinge (brother), Edward Bannister (brother of wife), Samuel Underhill
Witnesses: Richard Titchbourne, John Swaysland, Roberte Hedley

The following is an abstract of the will provided from 'The Perogative Court of Canterbury- abstract of Wills 1620'

224 William Wickinge of Lud Wells, in psh. of Cowden, CO. Kent, yeom. (Dat. 24 Jan. 1619-20.) Bur. chyd, of Cowden; poor of the psh.; Edward Bannister, bro. of wife; chn., Wm. and Eliz., (und. 10); Wm. and John, sons of bro. John Wickinge; Extx: wife Joan; Overs: bro. John Wickinge,
bro. -in-law Thos. Bannister, and Saml. Underbill. \_mark\ Wits: Richard Titchbourne, John Swaysland, Roberte Hedley,
scr. (Pr. 21 Feb. 1619-20.)