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Will of Thomas Wicking 1601


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Date Proved Ref. Main People Identified Fam Grp
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Thomas Wicking (Wickinge) Cowden, Knt 28/09/1601 27/10/1601 PCC Prob 11/98/278 Wife: Marie (executor & residual beneficiary)
Brother: Francis (overseer)
Sons: Thomas, John, Francis, Edward (all under 21)
Daughters: Mary, Dorothy, Anne , Joan (all under 21 and unmarried) and Elizabeth (wife of George Knight)

Others: Henry and Richard Sheffeild, John Brenchley
Overseers: John Saxbee, John Knighte, Richard Piggott
Witnesses: Willm Dixon, Samuell Undrell
Properties: Fidlers in Cowden
WiT1500 Transcript


The following is a transcription of the will provided to me and made by John F Howes - March 2013
(Note: I have inserted some line breaks to aide readability)

In the name of god amen I Thomas Wickinge of Cowden beingin perfecte memory doe make and ordayne this my last will and testament in manner and forme following; ffirst I bequeath my soule into the hands of allmightie god who by Jesus Christ my redeemer and saviour I am assured into his favour and mercye;
 Now as touching my worldly goods I will and bequeath unto the poore of this parishe of Cowden aforesaid six shillings eight pence; Also I will and bequeath unto some godly preacher to make a funerall sermon at my buriall six shillings eight pence;
As for the devise of my lands lately being of Henry and Richard Sheffeild I give, will and bequeath unto my trustie frends John Saxbee, John Brenchley, John Knighte, Richard Piggott and Ffrancis Wickinge of Cowden, yeomen and to their heires, executors & administrators for ever to have and to hold all of the said lands unto the said John Saxbee, John Brenchley, John Knighte, Richard Piggott and my loving brother Ffrancis Wickinge their heires and assigns for ever uppon special trust and confidence that they the said John Saxbee, John Brenchley, John Knighte, Richard Piggott and my brother  Ffrancis Wickinge and the survivor or survivors of either of them shall within the space of ffyve yeares sell the said lands at the best rate they canne;
And the money thereof comynge shall imploye unto the true performance of this my last will and testament as hereafter shallbe expressed; Provided that if the said lands be not sould within the space of five yeares lymited my very will and meaning is that the said lands shall be given and fall unto my sonnes Thomas, John and Ffrancis upon condicon that they  my forenamed sonnes doe put in good securytie to pay unto my daughters Marye, Dorothie, Anne and Joane wicking the some of ffourscore pounds to be equally devided unto them at their age of one and twenty yeares or at the day of their marriage or which of them shall first happen: And if anie one, two or three of my foresaid daughters should die before the said solemnizacon or the age of one and twenty yeares then my very will is that then the whole porcon shall remayne to the survivors or survivor to be equally divided; And if it please god to call all of my daughters out of this earth before the times specified then my will is that the said ffourscore pounds shallbe equally devided between my fower sonnes or to so many of them as shall be lyvinge.
Also I give and bequeath unto my three forenamed sonnes, Thomas, John and Ffrancis if my land be sould by my foresaid trustie  frends  the sume of sixscore pounds of lawfull English money to be payde to my sonnes before named at the age of one and twenty yeares; Provided that if any of my forenamed sonnes shallbe one and twenty yeares of age before the land be sould or if it shall fall into their hands by reason of not sale then made then my will is that every of my said sonnes after the age of one and twenty yeares shall demand and recover of my executors who shall have the profit of the whole untill it be sould the sume of thirty shillings shallbe yearely to be paid by equal porcons; Provided allso thai if the land be not sould within the time lymited so as it fall into the hands of my three sonnes forenamed Thomas, John and Ffrancis or the survivors or survivor of either of them then my will is that if any of my foresaid sonnes deny to paie to any or all of my forenamed daughters my procons bequeathed unto them at the times before specified that then it shall be lawfull for any or all of my foresaid daughters to enter in and uppon the said lands to have, hould, occupie and enjoye the same until they be fullie satisfied of their legacies and porcons fore named;
Allso I will and bequeath to Edward my sonne and his heires for ever one messuage and garden with the appurtenances in Cowden called Ffidlers when he shall come unto the age of one and twenty yeares; And if it happen that he die before he come to the yeares of one and twenty then the said tenement to remayne unto Thomas my sonne and his heires for ever;
Item I give to Edward my son to be paid by my executrix the sume of tenne pounds of lawfull English money at his age of one and twenty yeares.
Item I give unto my daughter Elizabeth wife unto George Knight ffower bushells of wheate to be delivered by myne executor.
Allso my will is that during the times that the lands shall ---- unsould myne executrix shall have the proffytt thereof wholly unto her self towards the bringing uppe of all my foresaid chilldren until they come to the age aforesaid or the solemnizacon of their marriage; And if the land shallbe sould then the benefitt also of the money arising by use of the said legacies during the nonage of my chilldren shallbe delyvered to my said wife during the time that any of my foresaid chilldren shallbe under age mentioned.
The rest of all my goods unbequeathed I give unto my dearly beloved wife Marie Wicking whom I make and ordaine my sole executrix of this my last will and testament ;
And allso I make and ordaine  John Saxbee, John Knighte, Richard Piggott and Ffrancis Wickinge the overseers of the same and to each of them in respect of their paines herein to be taken I give the sume of three shillings and ffoure pence over and above all charges.
In witness whereof I have herunto sett my hand an seale the eight and twentieth day of September in the three and fortieth yeare of the reigne of our sovraigne Ladie Elizabeth Queene of England, Ffrance and Ireland, defender of the ffaith. By me Thomas Wicking.
Sealed in the psence of Willm Dixon, Samuell Undrell and manie others .

Probate in Latin to Marie Wicking 27 Oct 1601


The following is a copy of the original 'Will' obtained from the National Archives (crown copyright)