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Will of John Wicking 1655


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John Wicking Fletching 11/11/1655 15/02/1658 PCC Prob 11/273/412 Brother: Richard (deceased) and his son Richard plus Richard's five children including second son John (all under 21);
Sister: Mercy Drewry (widow) and her children John (executor), Richard, Elizabeth, Katherine, Mary & Mercy (who is now Mercy Coldgate wife of Henry Coldgate of Sevenoaks, Kent, cooper & her children under 21)
Sister in law: unnamed wife of Richard Randoll of Sevenoaks.
Kinsmen: Nicholas Wicking of Cowden; John Wicking of Leigh, Francis Wicking of Hellingly; unnamed wife of Henry Bankes of Chiddingley; unnamed wife of John Payne of Buxted; children of kinswoman Ann Wicking, deceased, late the wife of George Martin of Leigh.
Cousin: George Drewry of East Grinstead
Others: William Root of Fletching, John Smith of Maresfield (servant); Mary, wife of John Godley (servant); Joan Ridgway (servant); Elizabeth, wife of Aspell (servant); Thomas Herman of Fletching,
Godchild: John Wicken (under 21), son of Peter Wicking of Cowden; Children of William Tree, William Kenward, Thomas Kenward, John Streetfield, deceased, and Edward Streetfield.
Overseers: John Roate and Richard Dane both of Fletching.
Witnesses: Judith Rootes, John Burges, Thomas Harman (codicil).
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To the poor of the parish of Fletching aforesaid forty shillings to be distributed by his Executor, later to be named, within one month of the testator's decease.
To the poor of the parish of Cowden, Kent, forty shillings to be likewise distributed by his Executor and by his 'kinsman' Nicholas WICKING of Cowden, yeoman, within one month.
To William ROOT of Fletching, clerk, twenty shillings within one month.
To said kinsman Nicholas WICKING three pounds within one month.
To godchild John WICKING, son of Peter WICKING of Cowden, forty shillings when he reaches 21 years old.
To all other godchildren (except the children of William TREE; William KENWARD; Thomas KENWARD; John STREETFIELD, deceased; and Edward STREETFIELD) six shillings and eight pence each to be paid to them or their respective parents within six months.
To John SMITH of Maresfield 'in the said Counties, husbandman, formerly my servant', ten shillings.
To Elizabeth wife of ASPELL, formerly my servant, fifteen shillings
To Mary wife of John GODLEY 'sometimes servant' ten pounds
Also to Mary GODLEY 'one payne of good hempen shirts'.
Also to Mary GODLEY one colt or the sum of forty shillings in lieu of the colt.
To Joan RIDGWAY, 'my now servant', forty shillings and one heifer bullock.
To sister Mercy DREWRY, widow, five pounds within one month of his decease.
To sister-in-law, now the wife of Richard RANDOLL of Sevenoaks, Kent, yeoman, five pounds.
To Richard WICKING, son of deceased brother Richard WICKING, five pounds within one month.
To the five children of 'my said cosen Richard WICKING' twenty shillings each as they reach 21 years old.
To 'cosen' George DREWRY of East Grinstead, Sussex, yeoman, thirty pounds within one year.
To 'cosen' Richard DREWRY, son of said sister Mercy DREWRY, fifty pounds within one year.
To Elizabeth DREWRY, one of the daughters of said sister Mercy DREWRY, thirty pounds within one year.
To children of 'cosen' Mercy COLDGATE, wife of Henry COLDGATE of Sevenoaks, Kent, cooper, and a daughter of said sister Mercy DREWRY, any of the children living when the testator dies thirty pounds when each turns 21 years old
Interest on the thirty pounds to be paid every year to Mercy COLDGATE at rate of one shilling to the pound until all of it is paid to her children.
To Katherine DREWRY, one other daughter of said sister Mercy DREWRY, fifty pounds within six months.
To kinswoman Mary DREWRY, another daugther of said sister Mercy DREWRY, one hundred pounds within one year.
More to Mary DREWRY and Katherine DREWRY the 'moitie or one-half of all my household stuff unbequeathed of what kind or nature bedding pewter brass and all other implements and utensils now remaining in my now dwelling place called Barkham in Fletching' within one month of decease to be equally shared between them.
To Thomas HERMAN of Fletching, carpenter and now parish clerk, six shillings and eight pence within one month.
To Francis WICKING of Hellingly, Sussex, twenty shillings within six months.
To kinsman John WICKING of Leigh in Kent, yeoman, twenty shillings in six months.
To the children of kinswoman Ann WICKING, deceased, late the wife of George MARTIN of Leigh, Kent, yeoman, twenty shillings to them or their father for their use and split equally in six months.
To kinswoman now the wife of Henry BANKES of Chiddingley, Sussex, twenty shillings in six months.
To kinswoman now wife of John PAYNE of Buxted, Sussex, yeoman, twenty shillings in six months.
To kinsman Nicholas WICKING of Cowden forty shillings within six months to be distributed amongst the poor [illegible] 'being in Cowden'.
Rest and residue and all ready money to kinsman John DREWRY son of said sister Mercy DREWRY.
John DREWRY is sole Executor.
'Loving friend' John ROATE of Fletching, gentleman, and Richard DANE of same, yeoman, are Overseers.
Continues without a break: 'This is also the will and testament of me John WICKING aforesaid' written on the same date to dispose of his lands.
To said 'cosen' Richard WICKING son of brother Richard WICKING, deceased, eight several perches or parcels of land with the appurtenances in Hartfield in Sussex, by estimation forty acres now occupied by Richard GASSON or his assigns.
Also to Richard WICKING all other freehold lands whatsoever held by the testator in Hartfield for Richard WICKING's natural life.
After death of said Richard WICKING all eight parcels of land and all other freehold land in Hartfield to go to John WICKING, second son of the said Richard WICKING.
3To 'cosen' Mary DREWRY, daughter of said sister Mercy DREWRY, all freehold lands in Fletching called and known as the [?Haygetts or ?Haggetts] and all other freehold lands in Fletching to her and her heirs or assigns for ever.
Signed and sealed by John WICKING. Witnesses: Judith ROOTES John BURGES

CODICIL 20 JUL 1656 1. All monies due and payable upon any mortgage remain to his Executor notwithstanding any forfeiture now or at any time. Witnesses: John ROOTES Thomas HARMAN Will and Codicil proved at London 15 Feb 1657/58 by John DREWRY, Executor.

NOTES The testator mostly uses the term 'cosen' to refer to his nieces and nephews. The term 'kinsman/woman' seems to be used primarily for less close relatives--possibly actual cousins? Once or twice, though, he uses kinsman instead of 'cosen' for a nephew or niece.
The unnamed kinswoman in No 29, described as 'now the wife of Henry BANKES of Chiddingley, Sussex', is likely an Anne WIKENS, who married Henry BANKS on 6 May 1641 in Chiddingly. I don't know her relationship to John WICKING. The unmarried kinswoman in No 30, described as 'now wife of John PAYNE of Buxted, Sussex, yeoman', is possibly Mercie MATTHEW, who married John PAYNE in Buxted on 17 Jun 1622.I don't know of any connection with a MATTHEW family, but the forename Mercy seems to have been particularly associated with the WICKING family, with an early baptism in the IGI occurring 2 Mar 1572/73 in East Grinstead (no parents in the register in that period). I haven't been able to determine if Mercy MATTHEW might have been a widow when she married John PAYNE. Another possibility is she might have been a cousin whose mother was a Wicking.

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