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Will of Thomas Underhill 1622


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Thomas Underhill (tanner) Lingfield, Sy 08/04/1620 05/07/1622 LMA-DW/PA/ 05/1622/105 Wife: Margaret (executor)
Sons: Thomas (executor), Francis, John, Richard, (last three all under 21)
Daughters: Margaret, Elizabeth, Ann, Joan, Mercy ( last four all under 21)
Overseer: John Underhill of Easthampstead,Berks
Witnesses: William Rice, Richard Scrafton (also overseer) .
Properties: lyne house
UnR1515 Abstract


The following is an abstract of the will provided from the British Origins website

Thomas Underhill (X) of Lingfield, tanner, sr. 8 Apr 1620
to my son Francis Underhill £5 to be invested until he is 21 and to be paid within a year of his departure from his mother and brother Thomas; to my daughter Margaret Underhill 5s a year after my death; to my son John Underhill and Richard Underhill £2 each at 21; to my daughters Elizabeth Underhill, Ann Underhill, Joan Underhill and Mercy Underhill £2 each at 21; residue to my wife Margaret Underhill and son Thomas, execs.; if wife remarries or purloin any goods or try to procure the lease of Lyne House to herself from my son Thomas then to be dismissed from her executorship and her abiding in farm and house and my son Thomas to pay her £5 within three months of her departure, but restitution made for any goods enveigled; to her the best bedstead in the house; I bind my other exec. Thomas if he marries and forsake his mother and children or wastefully spend etc. he to have £5 and depart
Overseers: John Underhill of Easthamstead, Berkshire; Richard Scrafton jr. of Lingfield (2s 6d each)
Witnesses: Richard Scrafton, sr. (X); William Rice
Proved: 5 Jul 1622 to execs. [DW/PA/7/11 ff.6r-7r; DW/PA/5/1622/105]


The following is a copy of the original will obtained via Ancestry from London Metropolitan Archives