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Will of Thomas Underhill 1563


Name Place Date
Date Proved Ref. Main People Identified Fam Grp
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Thomas Underhill Lingfield, Sy 23/04/1563 1563 LMA-DW/PA/ 05/1563/060 Wife: Joan Plawe daughter of William Plawe
Brother: Richard (overseer)
Others: , Thomas Beast, George Mills, Thomas Knolden, John Hedd
UnJ1490 Abstract


The following is an abstract of the will provided from the British Origins website

Thomas Underhill of Lingfield, sick 23 Apr 1563 (to be buried in the churchyard; at burial £1)
to Joan Plawe daughter of William Plawe £2; to John Hoggett 10s; to Thomas Beast 3s 4d; to George Mylls 3s 4d; to Thomas Knolden 2s; to John Hedd 2s; to child my wife pregnant with half my goods, but my wife to have until it is 21; residue to my wife, wx
Overseers: my brother Richard Underhill; Thomas ...
Witnesses: [lost]
Proved: [lost] [DW/PA/5/1563/60]


The following is a copy of the original will obtained via Ancestry from London Metropolitan Archives