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Will of Samuel Underhill 1629


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Samuel Underhill (Vnderhill) Cowden, Kent 20/06/1629 26/06/1629 PCC Prob 11/156/49 Wife: Margery
Brothers: Edward, Thomas
Sisters: Agnes Shouwty!, Elizabeth (wife of John Grene!)
Nephews/Nieces: George Underhill (son of brother Edward- under 21), Richard, William, Mary, Anne (children of brother Thomas all under 21); Mary & Joan Shouwty (daughters of sister Agnes); Edward Underhill (executor & residual beneficiary, but was also shown as servant to Samuel).
Others: William Allen (overseer).
Witnesses: Robert Sharpe, John Bartlett
UnR1515 Transcript (part)


The following is a Partial transcription of the will - Transcribed by Ros January 2013
(Note: I have inserted some line breaks to aide readability)

Will dated 26 June 1629.
Samuel Underhill Yeoman of Cowden being sick of body.
20 shillings to the poor of Cowden.
Margery my wife fourty pounds after my death
George Underhill my Godson.. Son of Edward Underhill my brother ten pounds at his full age of twenty.
And if the said George dies before his paid age I give the same to my ?Eorrrd? hereafter named ?Flern?
I give and bequeath unto Richard, William, Mary and Anne Underhill children of my brother Thomas Underhill fifty shillings appeart ….. as they accomplish ther  .. age of twenty.. and if any happen to die before their paid age then I give his or her legacy to for dying to my /Eorruto? Hereafter named Hem
I give to Mary and Joane Shourty daughters of Agnes Shorrey my sister fifty shillings to be paid after my death.
I give to Elizabeth my sister now the wife of John Gurrut [Greene] five pounds to be paid within a year next after my death.
The residue of all Goods Chattells money ?dournt hay and grass in the house or growing on the ground I give to my nephew and servant Edward Underhill whom I make ordain the whole and sole ?Eorruto of this my testerment and last will.
And I allot nominate and appoint my ???  neighbour William Allen of Cowden ???
hereof in witness in presence of Robert Sharpe  F Ientcroft Barfett and John Barfort.


The following is a copy of the original 'Will' obtained from the National Archives (crown copyright)