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Will of Nicholas Underhill 1611


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Nicholas Underhil (Yeoman) Lingfield, Sy 04/12/1611 18/05/1612 LMA-DW/PA/ 05/1612/163 Wife: Joan
Sons: John, Nicholas
Grandchildren: Joan, Ann daughters of John
Others: Richard Geale (servant), Elizabeth Hart (servant),
Overseers: Richard Plawe, William Squire
Witnesses: Edward Bantry, John Pickenye
UnN1550 Abstract


The following is an abstract of the will provided from the British Origins website

Nicholas Underhill of Lingfield, yeoman, sick 4 Dec 1611 (to be buried in the north end of churchyard; to poor 10s)
all lands etc. free and copyhold in Lingfield to my son John Underhill a joined bedstead with a featherbed, feather bolster, a chaff bed and chaff bolster, coverlet, blanket, mattress and pair of sheets in chamber over the parlour, cupboard in the hall with four pewter platters, lead basin that was my grandfather's, great chest standing in the room behind the entry once my grandfather's, the table and frame in the hall and not to be removed; to Joan Underhill daughter of my son John £2 when 14 and pair of sheets; to Ann Underhill daughter of John my son £2 and pair of sheets when 14 and same to rest of son John's children that are living when I die; to my servant Richard Geale a white polled ewe; to my servant Elizabeth Hart another white polled ewe; to my wife Joan £4 p.a. for life from my lands and she to have parlour with fire and fleet in the hall as long as she is a widow; residue to wife Joan and son Nicholas, execs.; son John to pay son Nicholas £120 viz. within a year £40 and £80 within two years and in default my copyhold land to him
Overseers: my friends Richard Plawe; William Squire (5s each)
Witnesses: Edward Bantry; John Pickenye
Note: the original will was delivered back to the execs. after oath taken
Proved: 18 May 1612 to execs. [DW/PA/7/8 ff.360r-v; DW/PA/5/1612/163]


The following is a copy of the original will obtained via Ancestry from London Metropolitan Archives