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Will of John Underhill 1539


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John Underhill Lingfield, Sy 16/10/1539 30/04/1540 LMA-DW/PA/ ???????? Wife: Agnes
Sons: John (overseer), Richard, Simon, Edward, William (under 21), Thomas (under 21, Francis (under 21)
Daughters: Joan
Others: Edmund Allfrey & son John Allfrey, servant Alice Constable
Witnesses: George Rydley; Morgan Wallwyn; John U.;  Richard U.
UnJ1490 Abstract

The following is an abstract of the will provided from the British Origins website

John Underhyll of Lingfield, tanner, sick 16 Oct 1539 (to be buried in churchyard; to mother church 4d; to high altar 8d; to priests, clerks and poor at burial 6s 8d and at month's mind 6s 8d)
wife Agnes Underhyll to have her living in my house for life, a room, my best featherbed and its furniture, my sheets both fine and coarse, fire, meat and drink and for this purpose have given house to son John; Agnes to have lease of land from (Mr) Edmund Allfrey and his son John Allfrey of ten acres and after her death to John; to son Richard Underhyll £3 6s 8d; to daughter Joan Underhyll £6 13s 4d; to son Simon Underhyll £2 to be paid by son Edward Underhyll, exec. at my month's mind; to son William Underhyll £2 at 21; to son Thomas Underhyll £2 at 21; to son Francis Underhyll £2 at 21; all moveables to Edward; a table, cupboard, two turned stools and great brass pot remain as standards, Edward can stay in house two years but must then leave; to servant Alice Constable a two year old bullock
Overseers: son John Witnesses: George Rydley; Morgan Wallwyn; John U.;  Richard U.

DW/PA/7/5 ff.124v-125v