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Will of Francis Underhill 1619


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Francis Underhill (bachelor) Lingfield, Sy 11/06/1619 24/06/1619 LMA-DW/PA/ 05/1619/121 Brothers: William (executor), Thomas, George, Richard
Sister: Margaret (unmarried)
Brother in law: William Hoggett (executor)
Neice/nephew: Francis son of William Underhill, Joan Hoggett dau of William Hoggett
Overseers: William Plowe, Richard Saxby,
Witnesses: Thomas Carr, Henry Smyth
UnR1561 Abstract


The following is an abstract of the will provided from the British Origins website

Francis Underhill of Lingfield, bachelor, weak and sick 11 Jun 1619
to my brother in law William Hoggett my 'amrye' and to his daughter Joan Hoggett £1; to my brother William Underhill a chest and to his son Francis Underhill £1; to my brother Richard Underhill my box and my coat, my boots and spurs; to my two brothers Thomas Underhill and George Underhill £1 each; to my sister Margaret Underhill my joined chest and three of my best sheets in consideration of her pains with me in my sickness; residue between William Hoggett, William Underhill, Richard Underhill and Margaret Underhill aforesaid; William Hoggett and William Underhill execs. (10s each); Margaret Underhill's portion to remain with execs. until she marries and if she marries without their counsel and consent then they only to pay her the interest or as they see fit; any dissension to be settled by (Mr) Thomas Carr, curate of Lingfield, my loving friend
Overseers: friends William Plowe; Richard Saxbye
Witnesses: Thomas Carr; Henry Smyth
Proved: 24 Jun 1619 to execs. [DW/PA/7/9 ff.301v-302r; DW/PA/5/1619/121]


The following is a copy of the original will obtained via Ancestry from London Metropolitan Archives