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Will of Edward Underhill 1693


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Edward Underhill Lingfield 09/09/1693 09/02/1700 PCC- SW/26_444 Brother: Arthur
Sisters: Mary Standford (wife of Edward), Mercy Bawcombe, Elizabeth Underhill (widow)
Nephews/Neices: John Bawcombe,Catherine Underhill, Thomas Underhill, John Underhill, John Standford, Mary Standford, Edward Standford, Thomas Standford, Susanna Standford
Overseers: Thomas Sutton, Thomas Heath,
Witnesses: Mary Faulconer, Arthur(?), Pilbure(?), Alexander Luxford
UnJ1605 Abstract

The following is an abstract of the will provided from the British Origins website

Edward Underhill of Lingfield, yeoman 9 Sep 1693 (to poor £2)
to my brother Arthur Underhill £80; to my sister Mary Standford £1 and if she survives her husband Edward Standford then 1s p.w. for life; to my sister Mercy Bawcombe a guinea; to my nephew John Bawcombe a guinea; to my niece Catherine Underhill a guinea; to my sister Elizabeth Underhill, widow a guinea; to my nephew Thomas Underhill £80; to my nephew John Standford £30; to my niece Mary Standford £30; to my nephew Edward Standford £30; to my nephew Thomas Standford £30 at 21; to my niece Susanna Standford £30 at 21; to my godchildren 10s each; to my nephew John Underhill all my leases, exec. and residuary legatee and he to maintain his mother Elizabeth Underhill for life or £40 to her
Overseers: Thomas Sutton of Crowhurst, yeoman, snr.; Thomas Heath of Lingfield, tailor (5s each)
Witnesses: Mary Faulconer; Arthur(?) Pilbure(?); Alexander Luxford
Proved: 9 Feb 1699/1700 to exec. [DW/PA/7/18 Q.2; DW/PA/5/1700/95]