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Will of Edward Underhill 1634


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Edward Underhill (Tanner) Lingfield, Sy 22/02/1634 (Note: 'Will' shows 1633) 04/07/1636

LMA-DW/PA/ 05/1636/101


Wife: Joan
Sons: Nicholas, George, John, William
Daughters: Frances Collens (widow), Mathye Martyn (wife of Henry)
Kinsman: Nicolas Underhill (overseer)
Others: William Ledger (overseer)
Witnesses: William Harman, John Underhill
UnE1546 Abstract


The following is an abstract of the will provided from the British Origins website

Edward Underhill (X) of Lingfield, tanner 22 Feb 1633/4 (to be buried in the churchyard; to poor £1)
to my wife Joan Underhill the best bed and its furniture in the chamber over the hall viz. the joined bedstead, featherbed, hedge bed, two feather bolsters, two feather pillows, three blankets, a red rug and four pairs of sheets for life and to have meat, drink etc. from my exec.; to my son Nicholas Underhill £5; to my son George Underhill 3s 4d; to my son John Underhill 3s 4d and all my goods in his possession; to my daughter Frances Collens, widow 3s 4d; to my daughter Mathye Martyn wife of Henry Martyn £10; residue to my son William Underhill, exec.
Overseers: William Ledger of Lingfield and kinsman Nicholas Underhill (5s each)
Witnesses: John Underhill; William Harman
Proved: 5 Jul 1636 to exec. [DW/PA/7/12 ff.346r-v; DW/PA/5/1636/101]


The following is a copy of the original will obtained via Ancestry from London Metropolitan Archives