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Will of William Treape 1680


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William Treape (yeoman) Hartfield, Sx 02/05/1680 09/02/1681 (Note: 'Will' shows 1680) LEWES A35.P225 Wife : Anne (executor)
Son: William (under 21)
Daughters: Elizabeth, Anne, Sarah, Mary (all under 21 and unmarried)
Father in law: William Wicken
Overseers: Edward Benge of Hartfield, Richard Stratfield, Thomas Basset, Edmund Medhurst of Chiddingstone
Witnesses: Edward Benge, William Wickin, Robert Turner, Thomas Everest, John Manning
Properties: Lands at Cowdean, Blatcham Common in Withyham.
StW1632 Transcript


The following is a transcription of the will provided to me and made by John F Howes - March 2013
(Note: I have inserted some line breaks to aide readability)

In the name of God, Amen the second day of May in the yeare of our Lord God one thousand six hundred and eighty according to the computation of the Church of England I William Treape of Hartfield in the County of Sussex, yeoman beinge sicke and weake in body but of perfect memory and understanding, praised bee Almighty God doe make and ordaine this my last will and testament in manner and forme following; ffirst I assigne my soule into the hands of Almighty God my most gracious creator, understanding through the meritorious death and passion of Jesus Christ my only saviour and redeemer to receive free pardon of all my sins; And as for my body to be buried in Christian buriall in the churchyard at Hartfield  at the charge and discretion of my executrix hereafter nominated; And concerning such worldy goods as it hath pleased god to bless me with I bequeath them as in manner following:
Inprimis I give to William Treape my sonne my lands at Cowdeane now in the occupation of John Walls provided always that hee pay fforty pounds within one yeare after the decease of William Wickin my ffather in law according to the will and appointment of the aforesaid William Wickin, I doe appoint and order that to whome the fforty pounds shallbee given, shall into and upon the said lands  and there take, distraine, levy and carry away all distresses upon the said lands and the said distresses to keepe, detaine, enjoy and hold yea and all issues and proffitts and rents of the premises and lands to receive till the said ffourty pounds wth all arrearages bee fully satisfied; But if the said William Wickin requires the said summe of ffourty pounds before his decease and bee thereof fully satisfied then there shall be abased out of the yearely rent out of the said premises to the use of my sonne William Treape the summe of ffourty shillings; Or if there shall bee twenty pounds paid to him then twenty shillings to be deducted out of the yearely rent for the benmefit of my sonne William Treape.
Item I give to Elizabeth Treape my daughter thirty pounds to be paid her as soon as shee shall marry or or attain to one and twenty yeares of age;
Item to Anne Treape my daughter I give thirty pounds to bee paid her at her day of marriage or so soon as she shall fully complete the age of one and twenty yeares;
Item to Sarah Treape my daughter I give thirty pounds to bee paid her at her day of marriage or so soon as she shall fully complete the age of one and twenty yeares;
Item to Mary Treape my daughter I give thirty pounds to bee paid her at her day of marriage or so soon as she shall fully complete the age of one and twenty yeares; And if it shall happen that one or more of my daughters shall die I will that her or their porcon or porcons be to the use of my surviving daughter or daughters of equall division and partition; All wch legacies of thirty pounds a peece to to my said four daughters I doe will, order and appoint shall bee paid by my overseers on full and sufficient security given them by my Executrix hereafter mentioned within six months after my decease;
Item I give to Ann my dear and wellbeloved wife all my lands and premisses lying and being at Blatcham Common in the parish of Witheham; but if shee shall happen to marry then I only appoint unto her her jointure;
And I doe further will unto my fower daughters out of my said lands at Blatcham after the [Mr William Treape] the decease of Ann my wife the summe of fforty pounds to bee paid to them by ann equall paid division when my sonne Willam Treape shall accomplish the age of one and twenty yeares and his mother be then dead;
All other my goods chattels or chattels whatsoever I will and bequeath to Anne my deare and wellbeloved wife; Provided always and upon condition that shee doe truly pay and satisfie all my aforementioned legacies.
Moreover I will and ordaine that if my sonne William Treape shall die before he attaine to the age of one and twenty yeares my lands both in Cowdeane and Witheham shall bee equally divided between my daughters then living by a just proportion;
And I desire and wth their consent appoint my truly and wellbeloved ffreinds Edward Benge of Hartfield in the County of Sussex and Richard Stratfield, Thomas basset and Edmund Medhurst of Chiddingstone in the County of Kent overseers of this my last will and testament and for their care and pains therein I give by and wth their consent twelve pence a piece.
And I doe make and ordaine Anne my wellbeloved wife Executrix of this my last will and testament utterly revoking and dismissing all other testaments, wills legacies, executors and overseers by mee in any wise before this time made, named appointed and bequeathed; Acknowledging this to bee my full and free will contayning two sheets of paper – William Treape-
Published, subscribed, signed and sealed before these witnesses Edward Benge, William Wickin, the marke of Robert Turner, the marke of Thomas Everest, John Manning.

Probate in Latin to Ann Treape 9 Feb 1680


The following is a copy of the original 'Will' I obtained from the Lewes Will Microfilm