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Will of John Plawe 1616


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John Plawe (yeoman) Lingfiled, Sy 17/08/1616 16/11/1617 PCC Prob 11/130/595 Wife: Mary
Sons: Thomas (joint executor), Edward (joint executor), John, Robert , George, William (last three all under 21)
Daughter: Agnis
Overseers: brothers-in-law Edward Duffield and John Alfrey
Witnesses: Edward Baldwyn son of Henry Baldwyn, Edmund Duffield, Richard Twyhurste?,Edward Baldwyn

The following is a transcription of the will provided to me and made by John F Howes - March 2013
(Note: I have inserted some line breaks to aide readability)

In the name of god amen the svnteenth daye of Auguste 1616 I John Plawe of Lingfeild in the countie of Surri yeoman, sicke in bodye but of perfect remembrance, praised be god doe make this my will and testament in forme following that is to say ffirst I bequeath my soule to Almighty god my maker trusting through the merritts and passion of Jesus Christ my saviour to be made p’taker of life everlasting and I bequeath my bodie to the earth whereof it is framed and to be buried within the churchyard of Lingfeild aforesaid at the will and pleasure of allmightie god ;
Item I give unto the poore of the said parish of Lingfeild twenty shillings to be distributed amongst them at my funeral at the discretion of my overseers:
Item my will is that Marie my wife shall have the use of one halfe of my household stuff duringe her widdowhood.
Item I give unto Agnis my daughter ffive pounds of good and lawfull money of England within six months next after the daye of my decease.
Alsoe I give and bequeath to Robert my sonne the some of three score pounds of good and lawfull money of England to be payd him at his age of one and twentie yeares.
Alsoe I bequeath to George and William my sonnes and to either of them the some of ffiftie pounds the like lawfull money to be payd them at their severall ages of twentie and one yeares. If any of my said three sonnes Robert, George and William shall happen to die before their days of payement aforementioned then I will the parte of him or them soe dying to the survivor or survivors of him or them living. If all my sonnes happen to dye before the said days of payement aforementioned then I give all the said severall stocks and legacies together with the profitts thereof issuing or coming to Thomas and Edward my sonnes equally to be divided between them. And it is my will and meaning that the executors and overseers hereafter named shall put out their severall stocks afore given to my sayd three younger sonnes to the best value and benefitfor them until they come to their severall ages and to be payd and allowed them as their severall legacies be payable.
Item my will and meaning is ther shallbe lefte remaining in my dwelling house it to be as stands there to the use of the ----- or ---- of the said house these sevrall --- afore mentioned viz; the bedstedle wherein I now lie, three other bedstedles standing in the kitchinge chamber, the two tables in the hall with their framed and fourmed out cupbord and one liverie borde there by the two bigge spits in the kitchinge .
All the residue of my goods and chattels whatsoever unbequeathed (my said three younger sonnes brought up according to their degrees with meate, drinkes, lodging and apparel and other necessaries until their severall ages of one and twentie yeares and either of my said three sonnes ------- at their severall ages ffower payre of sheets and dozen of table napkins and my debts, legacies and funerall expenses payd and discharged I give and bequeath to Thomas and Edward my sonnes whome I make and ordaine joynte Executors of this my last will and testament
and doe make and ordaine my verie loved brothers-in-lawe Edward Duffield and John Alfrey my overseers to see this my last will and testament well and truly pformed to whom I give thirteen shillings and ffower pence a peece towards theyre paines in this behalf before theyre expenses.
Nowe concerning the disposition of all my lands and tenements this is my last will and restament as followeth viz, I give and bequeath unto Mary my wiffe the use of one chamber such as she shall make there to have within my dwelling house; Alsoe the use of an other roome in my house for baking, brewing and washing or for any other necessary------- with free entry, ingress and regress to the same at all convenient tymes.
And alsoe I give unto the said Mary the annuity or annual rente sixteen pounds lawfull money of England to be payd by even porcons 
And alsoe I give unto the said Mary the keeping yeerely of one cowe and one horse conveniently winter or somer in and uppon my said lands and tentes and eight cordes of wood yerelie to be cutt and taken in and uppon my parte of my lands in Lingfeild afore said saving the coppiced wood called the black grove coppice wth eight cordes to be yerely cutt and brought to my dwelling house at convenient tymes of the yeare with costs and charges of my heire or heires and occupiers of my said lands to have and to hold the said chamber and the rest of the other roomes as aforesaid. And the said sixteene pounds yerely and the keeping of the cowe, one horse mare and eight cordes of wood and other the premises to the said Mary my wief during only her widdowhood and noe longer.
Alsoe I give and bequeath unto my executors the use of all my land and tentes aforesaid for one whole yeare and a halfe yeare next after my decease except such parte thereof as is hearby willed to my wife paying only the said annuities or yerely rente payable yerely to my said wife as aforesaid that is to say sixteene pounds for the yere and eight pounds for the half yere quarterly to be payd by even porcons. And if it happen the said annuity or yerely rente of sixteene pounds be behind, unpayd in parte or all after any feast or day of payment thereof whereat the same ought to be payd as aforesaid then my will is that it shall and may be lawfull to and for the said Mary my wife and her assignes into the said lands and tentes to enter and distrayne and the distress or distresses to take, beare, leade and drive the same to detayne and keepe until of the said yerely rente then behind it be fullie satisfied and payd.
Alsoe I bequeath unto my executors all the woods standing and being within one coppice p’cell of my lands called black grove together with liberty of entry, egress and regress for them and their assignes to and from the same for the felling, cutting, roling, taking and avoyding thereby wey and weyes convenient through any of my lands aforesaid for the space of nyne yeres next after my decease.
Alsoe I give and bequeath to Thomas my sonne and his heires all my lands and tentes in Lingfeild aforesaid with th’appurtanences after the said one yere and a halfe expired as aforesaid lymitted to my said executors paying and p’forming the said annuity and other bequests to my said wife according to this my last will provided nevertheless and it is my full intent and meaning that if John Plawe my sonne and heire shallbe ---- and diverted and shall marrie with the consent and lyking of his mother my wief and of my said overseers before and before his soe marrying by and with their consent and good likinge shall give good and sufficient assurance to the likinge  of my said overseers for the paymente of one hundred pounds of lawfull English money within one month next after such consent and good likinge to my executors towards performance of this my last will then all my said rentes and lands soe before devised to the said Thomas my sonne and his heires I will and bequeath to the said John my sonne and to his heires for ever, he the said John and his heires p’forming this my last will youching his said mother as is before mentoned and alsoe suffering my said executors to have the use of all my lands and tentes as aforesaid and alsoe for the taking and quiet enioing of the said coppiced woods as aforesaid. But if the said John my soone or his heires shall make default in p’forming all of the p’misses and shall not doe them and p’form them accordynge to the playne meaning of this my last will, then I will all the said lands, tentes with th’apprtenances shal goe, remayne and be to the said Thomas and his heires in manner and forme aforementioned and declared.
In witness whereof I the said john Plawe to this my psent testament and last will have sett my hand and seale dated the day and yere first above written in the presence of us the marke of John Plawe, Edward Baldwyn son of Henry Baldwyn, Edmund Duffield, Richard Twyhurste?,Edward Baldwyn.

Probate in Latin to Edward Plawe on 16 Nov 1617