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Will of William Payne 1658


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William Payne East Grinstead   1658 PCC PROB 11/283/369 Wife: Susan
Sons: Robert
WP1620 Abstract

The following is a part-abstract of the Will provided from ' the history of east Grinstead'

Unto Susan my nowe wife seaven fields or severall closes and one coppice wood next adjoining to my customary tenement or house corn only called Munkshill with the orchard and garden plott there unto belonging, conteyning in all by estimacon 18 acres of land more or less for and during the terme of her naturall life. And also three rooms in the said Munkshill house during her naturall life viz. the Hall, the chamber over the Hall, and the upper chamber over the same with egresse and regresse to and from the same and to have and take water and other convenient necessaries. . . .
The testator goes on to give £150 to each of his daughters, five pair of sheets to each of his children and Monkshill to Robert, his younger son, who also occupied  Stone and  Standen Farms.,