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Will of William Payne 1579


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William Payne Twineham, Sx 13/01/1579 (Note: 'Will' shows 1578) 12/12/1579   Wife: Tomsin
Sons: John (executor and residual beneficiary)
Daughters: Anne Payne,
Grandchildren: Anne & Jane daughters of son John
God children: Luke Maye, Anne Payne
Others: John Roberte of Twynham, Alice Ffawkenor of Henfield, John Preston the church clerke of Twynham
Overseer: John Paine of Linfield
Witnesses: Lawrence Twyne p’son of Twynham and William Colstill
Properties: Chates

The following is a transcription of the will provided to me and made by John F Howes - February 2013
(Note: I have inserted some line breaks to aide readability)

In the name of god amen the xiijth daye of January in the yeare of the rayne of or Lady Elizabeth by the grace of god quene of England, Ffrance & Ireland, defender of the ffaythe & in the yeare of or Lord god 1578 I William Payne of the pishe of Twynham in the county of Sussex husbandman beinge sicke in bodie but whole and sound of minde and remembrance (thanks be therefore unto Almighty God) doe make and order my last will and testamt in manner and forme following. Ffirstly I bequeath and comend my soule to Almighty God my saviour and redemr by whose merits only and blessed my hope to receave pardon & forgiveness of all my sinnes and my bodie to be buried in Christian burial wthin the churchyard of the pishe church of Twynham. Item I give and bequeath unto the mother church of chychester ijs.
Item I bequeath unto Luke Maye? my god sonne iijd.
Item I bequeath unto Anne Payne my god daughter iiijd.
Item I bequeath toward the making of a payre of clappers at Herringe Bridge in Twynham aforesaid ijd.
Item I give and bequeath unto Anne Payne my daughter xl of good and lawfull money of England to be paid to her at th’end of one whole year immediately after my decease. And if it p’tanes that my said daughter Anne doe kept out of this mortall lif before th’end of one yeare after my decease then my will is that the said tenne pounds shall remayne to the use of my executor.
Item I geve unto my said daughter Anne one plorbal? as it is now furnished together with the bedstedle thereto belonging in which she now lyeth.
I give unto my said daughter Anne one kettle of brass being of a ---- that I have iron bound.
Item I give unto Jane Payne daughter unto my said son John Payne one twelvemontheinge bullock.
Item I give and bequeath unto Anne Payne daughter unto my son John Payne xijd.
Item I give and bequeath unto John Payne my son the lease of my farme wherein I doe now dwell, called Chates being in the demeynes and lands of John Ockenden of Cuckfeld to have and to hold the said lease to my said son his heires, executors and assignes at a time and date thereto.
Item I will and bequeath to Tomsin my wiff one room with all commodities and --- coming thereof with roome. I will that my sonne John shall kepe to the wish of my said wiff wth suche sufficient wintering and --- as he kepeth his own. Also I geve and bequeath unto my said wiff Tomsin vjs viijd yerely to be paid to her during the terme of yeres of my said lease of Chates set in severall payments that is to say at the feaste of the nativitye of our saviour Christ & at the nativitye of John the Baptiste comonly called midsomer by equal porcons. I will that Tomson my wiff shall have her cheste wth all her app’ell to her belonging.
Item I will that my said sonne John shall finde and geve unto Tomsin my wiff sufficient meate, drinke and lodging during her naturall life in the sorte and mannr as he provide for him self & his own familie .
Item I geve unto John Roberte of Twynham my leathering coate without -------.
Item I give unto Alice Ffawkenor of Henfield my russet? cape.
Item I give unto John Preston the church clerke of Twynham my best cambard or dublet saving one.
Item the residue of all my goods & cattells not given nor bequeathed my debts legaces and funeral beinge paid & p’formed I geve and bequeath to my onlie sonne John Payne whome I make and ordaine myne onlie and whole executor.
And I appoint and make John Paine of Linfield as myne ovrseer to whome for his labour and good will I bequeath iiijd.
Bearing witness Lawrence Twyne p’son of Twynham and William Colstill and by me William Payne.
Item It is the will of me the above named Wm Payne that my wiff Tomsin shall have kynes kept freely by my said son John.

Probate in Latin dated 12 Dec 1579.