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Will of Thomas Payne 1573


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Thomas Payne (of Westhill) Ardingly, Sx 30/03/1573 09/05/1573   Sons: Richard (eldest son), John (executor), Thomas (executor)
Daughters: Elizabeth (youngest)+ 1 other
Son in law: John Owtredg
Grandchildren: Thomas son of Richard & maybe George Owtred son of John
Others: Thomas Payne of Stone
Witnesses: John Culpepper (Parson of Ardinglye); Richard Pillbeame, Thomas Stone, Thomas Gatlad, Rychard Busley, Robert ...., John Brytt;  Nycholas ..... and James Iynk.
PyT1520 Transcript

The following is a transcription of the will made by Dave Woolven - September 2008
(Note: I have inserted some line breaks to aide readability)

The xxxth day of Marche in the xx... yeare of the raigne of o’r soveraigne Ladye Quene Elizabethe and 1573 I Thomas Payne of Westhill thelder of Erdingly in the Countye of Sussex beinge sicke in body but of good and pfecte remembrance thanks be to God Almightie doe ordayne and make this my last wyll and Testament in man’ and forme folowinge.  Firste and principallie I bequethe my soule unto Almightie God and unto Jesus Christ his sonne & my sav’yor who hath redemed and bought the same by the price of his most p’tious bloode trustinge and besychinge him of his great mercy that he wyll save the same .... mercyfullie and so dearly bought.  And I wyll that my body be buried in the churche yard of Erdinglygh in suche ... tymes & .... as shalbe ... mete and ..... to my ... executor. 
Itm I wyll geve and bequethe to Richard Payne myne eldest sonne two stears of thre years of age viz a blacke & a peade. 
Itm I wyll & bequeathe to Elizabethe my yongest daughter six pounds thirtene shillings fower pence to be paid unto hir wthin two years next  after my decease and yf it shall happen my said daughter to dye before the tyme appointed for the pa’m’t of the said mony. 
Item my wyll is that she shalbe att lyberty to geve & assigne the same at her wyll and pleasure. 
Itm I geve and bequeth to my two daughters two payre of sheets viz to ether of them one payre. 
Itm I geve & bequethe to Elizabethe my yongest daughter a harnesse girdle of sylver & gylt payinge therfor unto hir elder sister thre shillings fower pence. 
Itm I geve & bequethe unto John Owtred my sonne in lawe one cowe of color reade & ... in co’syderacon of seven shillings that I owe unto him.
Itm I geve more unto the said John Owtredg two busshels of wheate. 
Itm I geve unto Thomas ... sonne of myne eldest sonne Rychard one ewe & a lambe. 
Itm I geve & bequethe to George Owtred  one ewe & a lambe.  ......... my wyll & mynde is that John Payne & Thomas Payne my yonger sonnes shall occupie my ferme ground ......for and duringe the .... of thre years next after my decease yeldinge & payinge unto ...... elder brother twenty shillings by the yeare duringe the said .......... and also they shall ............. duringe the said years and after the said thre years ended my mynde & wyll is that my said sone Rychard Payne shall have my said ferme land  called Moles? to him and to his assignes. 
All the residue of my goods and cattels moveable and unmoveable unbequethed my legaces and debts paid and my funerals discharged I geve and bequethe to John Payne and Thomas Payne my yonger sonnes whome I doe ordayne and make executors of this my last wyll & testament ... Payne of ... lande oweth me fyve shillings fower pence. 
Itm Thomas Payne of Stone? hath of myne an anfyll a stompe of iron two payre of tongs a sledge a haule? hand?  halfe a vice halfe ... wyght wth halfe the beame, a table of .... ... three, a great .... .......
Wyttnesses herof John Culpep, Parson of Erdinglye;  Richard Pillbeame;  Thomas Stone;  Thomas Gatlad;  Rychard Busley;  Robert ....;  John Brytt;  Nycholas ..... and James Iynk...

Proved before Henry Barkley 9 May 1573 by John & Thomas Payne the executors


Transcribed from a photocopy by Dave Woolven, 2 Aspen Way, Malpas Park, Newport, South Wales.   NP20 6LB    Tel 01633 858 359          23 September 2008
Transcribed for Brenda Joyce, 17 Peterhouse St, Tawa, Wellington, 5028, NZ