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Will of John Payne 1673


Name Place Date
Date Proved Ref. Main People Identified Fam Grp
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John Payne West Hoathly (Stonelands) 26/10/1673 09/07/1674 LEWES A34.P14 Wife: Mary
Son: John (under 21)
Daughter: Elizabeth (under 21)
Father in law: Abraham Nicholas
Kinsman John Feldwick (executor)
Brother in law: Abraham Nicholas the younger (executor)
Witnesses: John Mills, John Pryor
Places: Stonelands, Ashcombe, Simmes, Strudgate, Willards Bridge & Scripps
PyT1601 Transcript


The following is a transcription of the will provided to me and made by Jane Wicks:
(Note: I have inserted some line breaks to aide readability)

In the name of God Amen, The six and twentith day of October in the yeare of our Lord one thousand six hundred seaventy and three I John Payne of Stoneland in the parish of Westhoathly in the county of Sussex, yeoman, beinge in good and reasonable health of body and of good and perfect mind and memory thanks be given to Almighty god therefore calling to mind the mortallitye of mankind and the uncerteynty of the hour of death doe make publish and declare this my last will and testament in manner and forme followeinge First and primarilly I comend my soule into the hands of Almighty god my maker and creator hopeinge for salvacion onely through the merritts and mediacion of my Lord and saviour Jesus Christ and my body I committ to the earth willing that the same bee decently buried in the christian buriall. And as touching the wordly estate which it hath pleased god to bestowe on mee I doe dispose thereof in manner and forme followeinge that is to say First I give to the poore people of the said parrish of Westhoathly thirty shillings to bee distrbuted amongst them within one month next after my decease
Item I give and bequeath unto my sonne John Payne and his heirs all that my mesuage or dwellinge house and all those my lands tenements and hereditaments with th’appurtances in Westhoathly aforesaid comonly called or knowne by the names of Stonelands, Ashcombe, and the Simmes together with the parsonage tythes of the same lands and also all those lands in Worth which I bought of Sir William Cullpepper, Barronett, called by the name of Strudgate and alsoe all that parcell of land lyinge in the parrish of Eastgrinsted called by the name of Willards Bridge and alsoe all that my mesuage or tenements and lands lyinge and beinge in the parrish of Lindfeild called by the nane of Scripps which I lately bought of my father in lawe Abraham Nicholas
and I doe desire will and appoynte that my executors hereafter named receive and take the proffitts of my said estate and alsoe take care to educate and bringe upp my said sonne John and to sett him to schoole and manage his estate for him dureinge his minority and at his age of one and twenty yeares to make and give upp a true and perfect accompt unto him of the proffitts thereof deducting out of the same one, to what they shall dispurse for his mainteynance and educacion and their necessary expences about the manageinge of his estate and alsoe that they carefully preserve from all wast and spoyle all tymber trees of Oak, Ash and Beech and other woods groweing on my lands before mencioned as well such as have beene polled as such as have beene not polled not permitting or suffering any to bee felled or cutt downe unless it bee for the necessary reparacions of the buildings on the said lands.
Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Elizabeth Payne three hundred pounds to bee payed unto her within six monthes next after my decease if shee shall bee of age to receive the same and if not then my will and meaninge is and I doe will and bequeath that my executors hereafter named do make what proffitt they canne of the said three hundred pounds for maynteynance and educacion of her the said Elizabeth untill shee shall attaine to the age of one and twenty yeares and at her said age of one and twenty yeares to pay unto her together with the proffitts thereof remayneing in their hands and unexpended about the mainteynance and educacion
And I doe make and ordayne my kinsman John Feildwicke and my brother in lawe Abraham Nicholas the younger Executors in trust to performe this my last will and testament to whome I give for their paynes to bee taken therein over and above their necessary charges and expences to bee expended aboute the performance of my said will forty shillings apeice
alsoe it is my will and I doe hereby will, desire and appoynte that Mary my loving wife shall in leiwe of and in full satisfaccion of her dower and thirds shall have and enjoy one annuity or yearely rent of twenty pounds by the yeare to be yearely issueinge out of all my lands tenements and hereditaments for and dureing her naturall life and to be paied unto her quaterly att foure feasts or tymes of the yeare that is to say att the feast of the Nativity of our Lord Christ, the Annuciacion of our Lady, the feast of St John the Baptist and  the feast of St Michael Th’archangell by equall porcions the first payment to beginn and to bee made at such of the said feasts as shall first happen to bee next after my decease the same to be paid unto her by my said executors dureinge the minoritye of my sonne and afterwards by my said sonne which said annuity I doe desire by my said wife to accept of accordingly which if shee shall refuse to accept in leiwe and full satisfaccion of her dower and thirds then this my bequest to her soe made utterly void and of noe effect
The residue of all my goods, cattles, chattels, debts, creditts, ready money and howsehold stuffe my debts and legacies being payd and funerall discharged and this my last will and testament in all thinges well and truely performed I doe wholly give and bequeath unto my said sonne John Payne and it is my desire and I doe further will appoynte that such household stuff and other goods as may bee ___ _____ with out dammage bee not sold but be ____ kept and preserved for my said sonne John.
And in witness that this is my last will and testament written on two sheetes of paper I have sett hereunto my seale and to each sheete of paper subscribed my name John Payne.
Sealed and subscribed in the presence of John Mills, John Pryor    


The following is a copy of the original 'Will' I obtained from the Lewes Will Microfilm