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Will of John Payne 1592


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John Payne (of Liod) Ardingly, Sx


(Note: 'Will' shows 1591)

19/05/1592   Wife: Mary (Marie)
Daughters: Elizabeth, Marie, Anne (all under 21 years)
Others; Margaret Payne & Jobe Payne (servants)
Overseers: Richard Payne of Stone, John Chatfield
Witnesses: Will’m Grant? ( Minister of Erdinglye);  John Wheler; John Payne of Lodge; Thomas Payne
PyJ1540 Transcript

The following is a transcription of the will provided from the SFHG library - Transcribed by Dave Woolven September 2008
(Note: I have inserted some line breaks to aide readability)

In the name of God Amen the xixth day of February in the yeare of our Lord God one thousand five hundred fourescore and eleven I John Payne of Lisd? in the pishe of Eirdinglye* and Countye of  Sussex husbandman beinge sicke of bodie but of good and pfecte remembrance (thanks be given to God) doe make and ordayne this my last will and testament in maner and forme followinge.  Firste I bequeath my soule into the hands of Allmightie God my maker and redeemer wth sure and certayne hope of resurrection unto everlastinge life at the last daye by the merits and mercie of my Lorde and Saviour Jesus Christe. 
Item I geve and bequeath my bodye to be buried in the churche yarde of my said pishe of Erdinglye*. 
Item I geve to my pishe churche vid. 

Item I geve to the poore of the pishe iiis to be distributed at the discretion of myne executor. 
Alsoe I geve to Jobe Payne my servante a two yearinge steare bullocke to be delivered to him wthin halfe a yeare after my decease. 
Also I give to Margaret Payne my servante a two yearinge heiffer bullocke to be delivered also to her by myne executor wthin halfe a yeare after my decease. 
Item I give to my eldest daughter Elizabeth Payne xxtie pounds of good and lawfull Englishe money to be payd at the age of one and twentie yeares. 
Item I give to my second daughter Marie xxtie pounds of good and lawfull Englishe money when she shall accomplishe ye age of one and twentie yeares to be well & faithfully paid unto her by myne executor. 
Also I give and bequeathe to my youngest daughter Ann Payne ye some of xxtie pounds of good and lawfull Englishe money to be paid unto her when she shall accomplishe the full age of twentie one yeares by myne executor. 
Also my will is that if any of these my three children doe decease this naturall life before the said terme of one and twentie yeares then the portion wch shall be due to the daughter departed shall be equally devided betwene the two sisters wch then shall remaine alive.  And if it soe come to pass that two of my daughters departe this world before the age of one and twentye that then the daughter wch remayneth alive shall have for her portion onely the sume of thirtie pounds and the rest to remayne to myne executrix .  And if all of my daughters abovenamed doe depte this life before the said age of one and twentie yeares then my will is that Marie my wife shall have for her use the above mentioned portions whome I meane to make myne executrix. 
Item I make and ordayne my said wife Marye my whole and sole executrix of this my last will and testamente to whome I give and bequeathe all the rest of my goods and chateles unbequeathed towards the bringinge up of my children unto the age of xx one yeares my debts legasies and funerall expenses discharged. 
Last of all I institute & ordaine Richard Payne of Stone and John Chatfield of the pishe of Erdinglye* myne overseers of this my last will and testament givinge to either of them iiis iiiid for  their paynes and appointinge myne executrix to beare all there charge touchinge the pformance of this my last will. 
In witnesse whereof I have sett my hand the daye and yeare above written.  These beinge p’sent at the makinge and interlyninge of the same.
  Provided alwayes that if Marie my wife channce to marrie before my childrens portions be paid that then it shall be lawfull for myne overseers to take sufficient bond and assurance of her for the payment thereof and if she refuse soe to doe then it shall be lawfull for them by vertue of this my will to enter upon soe much goods as shall come and amounte to the value and worth of the portions bequeathed. 
In witnesse of all the p’mises above written I have sett to my hande this xixth of February 1591 (John Payne his owne marke).
Witnesses p’sent at the makinge hereof Will’m Grant?, Minister of Erdinglye*;  John Wheler his marke;  John Payne of Lodge his marke; Thomas Payne

This Will was proved before William Wheatley, Clerk, AM, Surrogate the xixth of May 1592  by Marie Payne the relict & executrix.  Thomas Dawson, Not Pub


*NOTE:  There is certain no parish now named Erdinglye, I assume that it is Ardingly where many Paynes lived.  DW
Transcribed from a photocopy by Dave Woolven, 2 Aspen Way, Malpas Park, Newport, South Wales.   NP20 6LB    Tel 01633 858 359             18 September 2008
Transcribed for Brenda Joyce, 17 Peterhouse St, Tawa, Wellington, 5028, NZ