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Will of John Payne 1579


Name Place Date
Date Proved Ref. Main People Identified Fam Grp
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John Payne East Grinstead, Sx 12/12/1579 21/01/1581
(Will says 1580)

PCC Prob 11/63/36 & 11/63/35

Wife: Mary
Brother: Edward Payne and his children Mildred Payne (under 21),Edward Payne (Executor) and George Payne
Sister: Clemence Farley
John Farley and his children Daniell, John, Harrie, Elizabeth, Judeth, Fortune, Katherine and Johan (all under 21)
Kinsman: Benjamin Heyte
Cousin: Roger Heyte,John Payne son of George Payne Taylor
Servants: John Underhill, Alice Taylor
Others mentioned: John Duffield, Joseph Duffield and John Larke. Also James Duffield, Stephen French and George Harman, (church wardens of Eastgreensteade)
Overseers: Brother Edward Payne and Edward Goodwyn
Witnesses: Edwarde Goodwyne, John Squier the elder and John Goodwyne.
Properties mentioned: Burstow Park, Palmers, Tannhill, the Le Stonefield, Tannfields, Shorte croft, Stringers, the Coney Clappers, Symons, mannor of Imberhorne
PyR1460 Transcript

The following is a transcription of the will provided to me and made by John F Howes - August 2015
(Note: I have inserted some line breaks to aide readability)

In the name of God Amen the twelfe daye of December in the yeare of our Lorde God one thousand fyve hundred Seaventie nyne I John Payne of the Towne of Eastgreenesteade in the Countey of Sussex beinge of whole mynd and perfecte remembrance thanks be unto god doe make and ordaine this my Testament and last will in manr and forme following ffirst I bequeath my soule unto Almighty god my maker and redemr. And my bodie to be buried in the church yard of Eastgreenesteade aforesaid.
Item I bequeath to the poore mens cheste of my parishe twentie shillings to be payed wthin one month after my decease Also I bequeath to the mother church of Chychester twelve pence.
Item I give towarde the reparacons of the parishe Church of Eastgreenesteade Twelve shillings
Item I will that myne Executor provide or have at my buriall or wth in six days nexte after a preacher sufficientlie authorized then and there to preache and declare the woorde of god wthin the saide church and he to be recompensed for his paines at the discreation of myne executor And also to distribute and give to the poore folke wch come unto my saide buriall or preaching or to such as would be there but cannot the some of ffourtie shillings in meate, drinke and money. Item I bequeath to evrie of my godchildren ffoure pence.
Item I give to my sister Clemence Ffarley ffourtie shillings in money.
Item I give to Daniell, John, Harrie, Elizabeth, Judeth, Ffortune, Katherine and Johan, the children of John Ffarley to evry of them three pounds six shillings eight pence to be payed unto the saide children and allowed of such money and debts wch the saide John Ffarley the father oweth me; As appeareth by my booke of my debt and reckoning at theire ages of twentie one yeares or at theire days of theire marriages/ And if any of them shall decease before I will his or her parte so deceased equally to be shifted amonge the reasidue surviving at the time before pr fixed/
I give to my kinsman Beniamyne Heyte in money three pounds six shillings eight pence/
Item I will to Roger Heyte my cosin in money three pounds six shillings eight pence/
Item to Johan Underhill my servinte I bequeath in money ffourtie shillings/
Item I will to Mildred Payne the daughter of my brother Edward Payne ten pounds at her daye of marriage or at her lawfull age of twentie one yeares unto her for to be paide/
Also to Alice Taylor my Servinte I give in money twentie shillings/
Item I give to my brother Edward Payne in money ix poundes thirteen shillinges foure pence/
Item I will to John Payne sonne of George Payne Taylor twentie shillinges in money.
The residue of all my goodes, chattels and debts and also my leases, interest and terms of yeares yetto come in Burstowe Parke , my debtes paide my ffunerall expense performed and there my legacies conteyned in this my p’sent Testament fulfilled I wholly will and give to Edward Payne the son of Edward Paine my brother whom I ordaine and make the sole executor of this my p’sent Testament and last will.
And I ordaine and constitute my overseers hereof my brother Edward Payne and Edward Goodwyn and I give to eyther of them for theire paines herein to be taken fyve markes apeece-
This is the laste will and testament of me John Payne made the daye and yeare above said for the good disposition of all my lands, tentes, hereditaments and farmes/
ffirst I will and give to Roger Heyte my cosin his heires and assigns for and all that tente and Smithes forge now in the occupation of Joseph Duffield and John Larke scituate in Eastgreenesteed aforesaid/
Item I will and give to George Paine , sonne of my brother Edward Paine one Annuitie or yearelie rente of tenne pounds of Lawfull money of England by the yeare issuyinge out and to be perceived of and in all my Landes and tents called or known by the name of Palmr or otherwise called wth thappurtenances now in myne owne occupacon/ To have and to holde the saide annual rentes or annuities unto the said George/ To be paide yearlie at the two usuall feastes of Michael Tharchangell and the annunciation of the blessed Virgin Marye by small porcons / The first payment thereof to commence and beginner at the first feaste of the saide two feastes wch shall next ensue and happen after the decease of the saide John Payne.; And if it shall happen that the saide yearlie rente of tenne pounds to be arere, unpaide in parte or all after any feaste thereof aforesaide by the space of tenne dayes and at my now manson house demannded; Then and at all times after it shall and may be lawfull unto the saide George and hys assignes to enter and distreine in all my saide lands and tents wth thappurtenances and the distresses therefore taken  to have awaye and deteine untill he be fully satisfied of the saide rente; and arrerages during the saide terme Privded always that if the said George paine shallbe contented to be bonded at the costes of myne executor or his father; Then I will that myne executor may deducte and retrieve ffive pounds yearlie percell of the said yearlie rente of tenne poundes or paye so much thereof to hif father half yearlie proporcionally for towards and during such bondings and funding of the saide George/
Item I will and give unto myne Executor Edward payne all my landes and tents called Palmers, Tannhill, the Le Stonefield, Tannfields, Shorte croft and all those lands and tenements and the rension of the same after the decease or refusall of Marye my wife called Stringers, the Coney Clappers, Symons well and the lanefields assigned to her for her jointure; And also all my mortgages, landes and tents and debtes out or to be due uppon my Condiconall Deeds of feoffment. And also all other my landes, tents, hereditaments and farmes wth all deedes and writinges concerning all and singular the p’misses To have and to hold the same p’misses unto the saide Edward Payne myne executor and to the heires males of his bodie lawfully begotten. And for defaulte of such issue the remainder thereof unto the right heires of me John Payne for evr.
Item I will and give unto the saide edwarde Payne myne executor, to his heires and assignes foe evr. All my copie holdes and customarie landes wch I hold of the mannor of Imberhorne according to my Surrender thereof made unto the beadle and twoe tenints of the saide mannor
Also I will and give unto my saide executor Edward Payne to his heires and assignes for evr all of the same annuities and yearlie rente charge of tenne pounds payeable to me in ffee and issuing out of the landes and tentes of John Duffield lieinge and beinge in Eastgreensteede aforesaid Provided always if the said John Duffield his heires or assgnes at any time wthin five yeares next after the decease of me the said John Paine shall ---- paye or cause to be paide unto the said Edward Paine myne executor to his heires or assignes at the Church porch of the parish Church of Eastgreensteade aforesaid upon six days warninge beforehand thereof given to my saide executor his heires or assignes One Hundred ffoure score pounds of lawfull money of England at one whole payment ; Then my verie will and mynde is that the saide the Landes and tenements charged against. and also the person of the saide John Duffield discharged at all times after the saide payment of one hundred and ffoure score pounds/ I will and bind myne executor by this my p’sent testament to dischardge as well the saide John Duffield as also the landes and tents charged against Marye my now wife and her assignes of all jointures and dowers wch she may hereafter demannde or have by reason of the said annuities or yearlie rentes.
In witness whereof have I the saide John Payne to this my p’sente Testament and last will stt my seale. Dated the Daye and yeare ffirst above written There being witnesses Edwarde Goodwyne, John Squier the elder and John Goodwyne.
He did bequeath and give by words------- James? Duffield, Stephen Ffrench and George Harman, church wardens of Eastgreensteade and to their Succesor wardens there for evr to the onlie use of the most needie poore persons of Eastgreensteade aforesaid All that tenement and orchard wth thappurtenances wch he late leased of John Hastinges and wch now continues possessed of one Saylies widower paying the termes to the chief Lorde thereof---.

Probate in latin to Edward Paine in January 21 1580

NOTE: occasionally the name was spelled Paine. Also several different spellings of East Grinstead