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Will of John Payne 1562


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John Payne Brambletye
East Grinstead, Sx
25/02/1562 10/04/1562   Wife: Clemence (executor)
Sister: Katherine
Brothers: Edward, Thomas
Son: John
Daughter: Mary
Others: John Purpe??, John Hogatte and Wm. Langrige (Overseers)
Properties: Woodplace in Waldron
PyJ1480 Abstract

The following is an abstract of the will provided from Documents held at East Sussex Record Office SAS-RF/2/71 : Probate of the Will of John Payne of Horshoo in Estgrynsted, of this date    25 Feb 1562

To be buried in the churchyard of Estgrynsted
Gifts to the Cathedral Church of Chichester, 2d. To the poor mens box of his said parish, 4d. To each of his godchildren 4d
To Katheryne Payne his sister, a heifer bullock of 3 years age.
To brother Edward Payne a ewe sheep.
To brother Thomas Payne, his sword, dagger and sword girdle.
To John Purpe (?) his bow and arrows and 4d. to his wife
Devise to son John Payne of lands and tenements in Waldron called Woodplace at 21 years., with contingent gift over to daughter Mary. Special provision for any posthumous child
Residuary legatee and executrix; wife Clemence
Overseers: John Payne, John Hogatte and Wm. Langrige

Proved at Lewes, 10 April, 1562