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Will of John Payne 1558


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John Payne East Grinstead, Sx 08/08/1558 28/10/1558   Wife: Joan (Johane)
Sons: George (unmarried), John, Thomas, William
Daughters: Clemence Farly, Catherine Sylcott, Agnes Webb
Grandchildren: unnamed children of John, unnamed two of Thomas
Other: John Farley, John Norton, John Bedlam
Witnesses: John Payn ye younger, Rychard Wynson, and John Farley.
PyR1460 Abstract

The following is a abstract of the will provided from the SFHG library - Transcribed by Brian Roberts July 2009

The viii day of August 1558; in good helth; bury in churchyard of Estgrinsted;
4d to mother church of Chichester; 2s to parish church; 10£? to the poor; 4d to each of my godchildren; all of my burgages and portlands to wife Johane, now in the tenancy and occupation of John Farly, for her life, provided she is not to claim a profit out of the burgage and portland of John Norton nor out of the bond he has of me; remainder to son George.
To son Thomas the parcel called Fynges Hatche; to wife Johane all the household stuff she brought at marriage; also to her two of my best
kine and all the growing corn and grain; to son William some furniture; if George should die or does not marry and have heirs of his body, the
remainder shall pass to my son John, and if that fails to my son Thomas, and if that fails to my son William; to Clemens Farly my daughter, £40 and a pair of sheets; to Cathren Sylcott my daughter, £20; to Agnes Webbe my daughter, £10;  to the children of son John, 13s 4d; to both children of son Thomas, 13s 4d; my lease for term of years to go to sons George and William, with cornfield in Estgrinsted; to son William 4 oxen if I still have them, otherwise £8;  to John Beldam, 6s 8d; the residue is to be divided among my 4 sons.
As executors I appoint sons John and Thomas; as overseer I appoint John Farley, and I give him 6s 8d for his labors.
These being witnesses: John Payn ye younger, Rychard Wynson, and John Farley.

Inventory £99 10s 11d.  

Proved 28 October 1558.