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Will of John Payne 1545


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John Payne Hickstead, Twineham, Sx 13/04/1545     Wife: Margaret
Sons: Richard (executor & residual beneficiary), John, William & Robert (both under 20)
Daughters: Elizabeth, Jane, Margaret (all under 20)
Overseers: John Hopkins & John Lachmar
Witnesses: Sir John Welch Clerk, John Staplegh
Properties: farme called Chatts lyeing in the pishe of Hyrst

The following is a transcription of the will provided to me and made by John F Howes - February 2013
(Note: I have inserted some line breaks to aide readability)

In dei no~ie amen the xiij day of aprill yere of lord god 1545 I John Payn of Hyxsted in the pishe of twinham being sicke in body but of p’fect and hole memory thanks be to god do make this my p’sent test and last will in manner & forme following. First I bequeath my soule to almighty god, to our lady St Mary & to all the holy company in heaven & also my body to be buried in the church yerd of twinham It: I bequeath to ye mothr church of Chicr ijs.
It: I bequeath to the high altar in twinham iiijd for tythes otherwise forgotten. I will it ther be done at my burying for the helthe of my soule and all Christian soules iij masses.
It: at my months mind iiij --- wth ---, drinkes and ete to the value of xs.
It: at my yeres mind in money ete, drinks to breke to the value of xs.
It: I bequeath to Margaret my wife iiij kine wt one calfe the best it she will have and except, 1 fethr bodle , ij payre of shete,wt all things belonging to the foresaid bodle to all her paym’t. And if it shall chance it Margaret my wife and my son Ric ca’not agree then I will that she shall have iiijl the foresaid ---- her payment of xxs yerely it --- to be paid quartrly it is to say evrie feast at wth  x days after evrie fest.
I bequeath to Eliz Payne my dowghter iiij markes.
I bequeath to Jane  Payne my dowghter iiij markes
I bequeath to Margaret Payne my dowghter iiij markes. Ther money and gifts to be – to my foresaid dowghters when they come to the age of xx yeres.
Item I bequeath to John Payne my son xlb & my farme called Chatts lyeing in the pishe of Hyrst p pound these xlb to be paid wtin one yere after my decease.
It: I bequeath to Willy Payn my son iiij markes.
It: I bequeath to Robert payne my son iiij markes.ther money and gifts to be paid when they shall come to the age of xx yeres.
The rest of my goods unbequeathed, my debts paid my funerall --- charges I give and bequeath to Ric payne my son whom I make and ordeyne to be my exec to fulfill this my last will and test.
It: to ovr see it this my last will be fulfilled & done I make and ordayne John Hopkins & John Lachmar & I gyve to both of them for theyre paynes iijs iiijd
there being witneses Sir John Welch Clerk, John Staplegh gentleman wth others.