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Will of Henry Payne 1596


Name Place Date
Date Proved Ref. Main People Identified Fam Grp
Transcript or Copy: readability
Henry Paine West Hoathly, Sx 25/01/1596 12/02/1613 PCC Prob 11/121/87 Father: John (deceased)
Sister: Joan
Brothers: George, Edward, Thomas (executor)
Witnesses: William Felwicke, Robert Millsa and Nicholas Dowler
Properties mentioned: Stone place in Ardingleigh
PyJ1534 Transcript


The following is a transcription of the will provided to me and made by John F Howes - March 2012
(Note: I have inserted some line breaks to aide readability)

In the name of God amen; the five and twentieth daie of the month of Januarie in the year of our Lord God one thousand five hundred nyntie sixe of Henry Paine of West hothlie in the countie of Sussex, singleman being sicke in bodie but of good and perfect minde and memorie God be thanked I do ordaine and make this my p’nte testament and last will in manner and forme following. First I give and bequeath my soule unto Allmightie God whome I believe to be saved by. And my bodie I comitt unto the earth to be buried w’thin the church yard of westhothlie aforesaid. Allso my will and minde is to have bestowed among the poore people of Westhoathlie at my buryall three shillings, four pence.
Item I give and bequeath to Joan paine my sister fiftie shillings of lawfull money of England to be paide unto her w’thin one yeare after my decease.
Item I give and bequeath to George Paine my brother fortie shillings to be paide unto him w’thin twoe yeares after my decease.
Item I give and bequeath to Edward Paine my brother and to his heires my one yearely rent of three pounds sixe shillings eight pence due unto me by the last will and testament of John Paine my father late deceased issuing out of the lands and house of Stone place in Ardingleigh in the Countie aforesaid and upon condition that the saide Edward all my gifts and legacies that is before given and bequeathed.
The residue of all my goods not bequeathed (my debts paide and my legacies herein susteyned) I wholie leave and give unto Thomas Paine my brother whom I ordaine and make my onelie sole Executor of this my p’nte testament and last will to see all things herein instlie and truelie executed as my speciall truste is in him.
These being witnesses William Felwicke, Robert Millsa and Nicholas Dowler.

Pobate in Latin in 1613 to Thomas Paine

He apparently recovered from the sickness he had in 1596 and lived another 16 years.


The following is a copy of the original 'Will' provided by John Howes