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Will of Henry Payne 1580


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Henry Payne East Grinstead, Sx 09/05/1580 13/01/1581 LEWES A7.P180 Wife: Elizabeth
Sons: Robert (executor & prime beneficiary), Richard, Edward, John
Daughters: Joyce (unmarried), Joan (unmarried)
Others: Jone Monke the daughter of Peter Monke, John Milles
Overseers: Richard Lisne and John Duffeld the elder
Witnesses: Richard Burnopp, vicar of Estgrinsted, Richard Lisne & John Duffeld.
PyR1460 Transcript


The following is a transcription of the will provided to me and made by John F Howes - February 2013
(Note: I have inserted some line breaks to aide readability)

In the name of God amen,the ixth daye of Maye in the yere of or Lord God 1580 I Henry Payne of the pishe of Estgrinsted in the county of Sussex and within the dioce of Chichester beinge sicke in body nevertheless in p’fet minde and good remembrance thanks be to almighty god doe ordaine and make this my p’sent testament and last will in manner and forme following: ffirst I bequeath my soule to almighty god my maker and redeemr hopinge by the death & passion of or saviour Christ to bee one of the members of his elect and my body to be buryed in the earth where it shall please god at the discretion of my Executor. I will and give to the pore mens chest of my said pysh iijs iiijd.
I will to Richard Payne my sonne xii l to be paid by mine executor to him w th in one month next after my decease.
I will to Edward Payne my sonne vijl xiijs vid   to be paid to him by mine executor wthin one half yere after my decease.
I will to John Payne my sonne xii l to be paid him by mine executor w th in one hf of a yere next after my decease.
I will to Joyce Payne my daughter vijl xiijs vid   to be paid her by mine executor wthin ij yeres next after my decease or at the daye of her mariage wch of them shall happen first.
I will to Joane Payne my daughter vijl xiijs vid   to be paid her by mine executor wthin ij yeres next after my decease or at the daye of her mariage wch of them shall happen first. And if it shall happen that anie of my aforesaid children doe dye before hee or shee doe receive his portion & gift by this will appoynted then I will that his or her p’ton of persons soe deceased shallbe equally devided amongst my surviving children that shall then be living.
Also I will and bequeath to Elizabeth my wiffe the land it is all my household stuff.
Also I give to my said wife the hefr cowes that she ---- ---- ---- ----  also the kepinge of that one cowe or other in that place soe long as my lease endureth --- my executors assigne upon the said --------.
Also I will that my said wife shall have and enjoye to her use in the ferme house that I doe nowe dwell in, the butter chamber & the lofte on the hall and my executor shall make for her convenyant stayres to the said lofte and she to enjoye the same unto the end of my said lease. And if it happen at any time my said wife shall refuse her chamber & or dwelling on my said ferme and also to discharge my executor of all charge for keeping her cowe or anie other then for soe many yeres as she shall then be come of my said lease my will is that my executor shall paye to her at her dep’tinge the some of evrie such yere not expired for evrie such yere xxs Provided always and it is my very will that soe long as my said wife doth remayne in the said house that she shall have convenient ----- & access to the fyre to dress meate in and drinke or other necessaries.
Item I give to Jone Monke the daughter of Peter Monke one twelvemonth heffer bullock, the worst of the ij griddles collared.
Item I give to John my aforesaid sonne one gray mare stagr or colt.
Also to the said John I geve one hogge ---- milleres bought of Bayley.
Also I will to my foresaid sonne Richard the best cowe next after my said wife hath that for her one cowe.
Item I will and bequeath to Robt Payne my sonne all that my tenmt and lands thereto belonging wth the appurtence th’of lying and being in forestrowe in the pysh of Estgrinsted aforesaid now in the demire and occupation of Henry Goble to have and to hold the said tenmt and lands w th thappurtenances to the said Robert Payne and his heires for ever.
The residue of all my goods and cattell not geven nor bequeathed my debts paid and this my will p’formed I give them wholly to Robert Paine my sonne whom I doe constitute and ordaine my executor of this my p’sent last will and testamt .
And also I doe constitute my oversrs of this my said will my trusty and wellbeloved frends Richard Lisne and John Duffeld thelder and they to have for ther pains geven to be taken eyther of them vis viijd a pece.
Further I will my executor to paye to John Milles or and besides his wayge iijs iiijd
Witnesses Richard Burnopp vicar of Estgrinsted and Richard Lisne & John Duffeld.

Probate in Latin to Robert Payne 13 Jan 1580.


The following is a copy of the original 'Will' I obtained from the Lewes Will Microfilm