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Will of Henry Payne 1566


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Henry Payne West Hoathly, Sx 26/05/1566 03/07/1566   Wife: Elizabeth (executor & residual beneficiary)
Sons: Henry (executor & residual beneficiary), Lawrence (under 21)
Daughters: Agnes, Katheryn (Kateryn), Margaret, Dorothy (Dorotye) (all under 21 and unmarried)
Grandsons: Henry Gibb, Henry Pultere!!, Harye Brown, Edward Brown
Overseers: John Gibb, Edward Brown
Witnesses: John Comber, Richard Gatland, Andrew Browne, Thomas Browne

Properties mentioned: Ludwell, Infeld + lands in Ardingly
PyH1470 Transcript

The following is a transcription of the will provided to me and made by John F Howes - May 2013
(Note: I have inserted some line breaks to aide readability)

In the name of god amen the xxvjth day of may in the yeare of or lord god 1566 I henrye payne of westhothlye within the county of Sussex in the Dioc of Chichester beyinge in helthy & pfect remembrance thanks be unto almighty god do ordayne and make this my psent testament & last will in manr and forme folowinge. Fyrst and before all other things I gyve and comitt my soule unto almighty god & to his mercy trusting without any doubt to be saved through the death and bloody dying of or savior Jesus Chryste and my bodye I will to be buried upon the stepps in the church fld of westhothlye aforesaid. And as touching my temporal goods ffirstly my will is ---- and bestowed at my buriall in bread and drynke to the value of xs. Also I gyve and bequeath unto the poore mans cheste xiid. Itm I give unto the reparacons of the same church and consideration of my soule at my buriall and the church the beforesaid --- ---.
Itm I bequeath unto Agnes, Kateryn, Margaret & Dorotye Payne my daughters xlli of good and lawfull money of England in manr  & forme folowinge that is to say to evry of them xli to be payed unto them if and when they shall accomplish the age of xxi yeres or ells at the day of theyre maryge if they marry before the said day of payment. And if fortune any of my said daughters to depte out of this psent world before the day of payment of theyre pte or porcon as above is payde that then my will is that theyre pte and porcon so deceased shalbe equally and shared between the reste of my daughters then living.
Also I give & bequeath unto Leonard my sonne all that my lands, tenements, rents, reparcions, farm lands with all and singular the appurtenances whatsoever they be lyinge and beyinge in Ardyngly within the county of Sussex to have and to hold all my ---- lands & tenements, rents and reparcones in Ardyngly aforesaid with th’appurtenances to him the said Leonard his heires and assignes for ever & ---- to the said his exors and assigns by all the yeres --- it --- and --- in the same and the ----- Indenture --- the --- ---.
Also I give and bequeath unto the same Leonard a copell of oxen and harness that I bought for it & my London cubbert to be delivered unto him sixe months after my decease
& also I give to henry my sone one great chest, my best colers, vj pewter plates & vj pewter dishes, my best bedd with all that belonging thereunto, my great iron pott and payre of brass ----- ----the best caldron to be delivered unto him immediately after the decease of Elizabeth my wife & my will is that Elizabeth my wife shall have all my otes that I have growing in Ludwell upon said except one crofte of otes called Infeld.
Item I give unto Henry Gibb, Henry Pultere, HaryeBrowne & Edward Browne my daughters sonnes to evry of them xii d .
The residue of all my goods and all and my debts --- ---- first payed, my funerall expenses pformed and all my legacys fulfilled I wholly will and give unto Elizabeth my wife and henry my sonne whome I ordayne and make my whole exors for this my last will pformed accordingly.
I ordayne and make John Gibb and Edward Browne my overseers to see all things --- pformed ---- to the purpose & true meaning hereof. In my --- ---- ---- it in that they will so do and they to have for theyre labor and time xxis and bee theyre reasonable expenses in that behest sustained.
Also my will and mind is that Elizabeth my wife and my sonne henry shall ---- they paye of ---- then my will is that the same John Gibb & Edward Browne shall have the money ---- bryngyng ---- as my said sonne henrye .
And --- the --- goods and pfittes thereof with appurtenances thereof and lying all my lands --- same Leonard shall accomplish his lawfull age of --- as before said.
And also the said henrye ---- ---- ----.
Whereof I the said Henry Payne have to this my psent last will to be made and ---- day and yere above said thyere beyinge psent and witness thereunto John Comber, Richard Gatland, Andrew Browne, and Thomas Browne

Probate in Latin on 3 Jul 1566