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Will of Henry Payne 1558


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Henry Payne Horsted Keynes, Sx x/11/1558 24/11/1558   Wife: unnamed
Sons: John, Thomas (joint executors and joint residual beneficiaries)
Daughter: Jane
Granddaughter: Joane (dau of Thomas)
Witnesses: Mr?-----, William Mylls, Roger Smith & others
PyH1470 Transcript

The following is a transcription of the will provided to me and made by John F Howes - May 2013
(Note: I have inserted some line breaks to aide readability)

In the name of god amen the year of or lord god 1558 the xx day of the month of November I Henry Payn, husbandman of the pysh of horsted caynes in ye county of Sussex being syke in body but of pft memory god be thanked do ordeyn & make my last will & test’m in manr & forme followyng .
Fyrst I bequeath my soule unto almighty god beseeching the blessed Chryst wt all the ---- ---- --- of heaven to pray for me. My body I will to be buried in the churchyard of horsted caynes and charges my burial all pd all other funerall charges I comitt them to the discrecon of my executors. It I give to the mother church iiijd..
It I give to Jane my daughter ---- ----
It I give to Joane the daughter of Thomas Payn one calf.
All my goods, moveables & reasonable my debts paid and my legacys discharged I give them to John Payn & Thomas Payn my sonnes upon ----- following It is to say it the said John & Thomas shall kep, find and ---- ther mother as well in meat, drinke and that ---- all such necessary ------ to the ---- paying and keeping of her during her life naturall.
This is my last will & test’m and ---- disposition of my goods and it is my last will I make all the ---- John & Thomas my sonnes to be my faithfull execotrs
there witness Harye -----, Mr?-----, William Mylls, Roger Smith & others

Probate in Latin on 24 Nov 1558