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Will of George Payne 1537


Name Place Date
Date Proved Ref. Main People Identified Fam Grp
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George Payne East Grinstead, Sx 29/08/1537 07/11/1538 PCC Prob 11/27/338 Wife: Agnes
Daughter: Joan, Clemence
Sons: John, Edward
Brother: John
Other: Unborn child
PyR1460 Transcript

The following is a transcription of the will Copied from 'History of East Grinstead'.
(Note: I have inserted some line breaks to aide readability)

In del nomine Amen, the xxix. day of August in the yere of our lord god a Thousande fyve hundreth xxxvij. I George Payne of Estgrensted in the countie of Sussex being hole in mynde and wth good remembraunce make this my last wille and testamente in fourme following, in primis I bequeth my soule to almighty god our lady Saint Mary and to all the holy company of hevyn, and my body to be buried in the Churchyearde of Saint Swythvne in Grensted aforsaid.
Item I bequeth to the high awter there for my tithes and offerings forgotten 3" 4d.
Item I bequeth to Agnes my wife a bedde with all the things apperteyning therto.
Item I will to hir twoe kyne and a mare.
Item I will to Joane my doughter twenty pounds of lawfull money.
Item I will to Clemens my doughter twentie poundes.
Item yf my wife be with childe w* a doughter I will to it twentie poundes, yf any of the said doughters to dye or she be maried that then I wille every of them to be others heires equally to be devided among them.
Item to Johnne my sonne all my freeholds to him and his heires.
Item all suche lands as I have in morgage as doth appere by Indentures that John my sonne shall have them, yf my wife be with childe w' a man childe that then I will that Edward my sonne shal have the money of the said morgage landes yf the money be paid agayn or ells the lands whether it be.
Item yf my wife have no man childe then I will that  money that comyth agayn in payment  shall be equally devided amonge all my children.
Item I will to John my sonne my fferme of Brestowe parke w* all goods and catalls being uppon the said grounde at the making of this p'sent testamente. . . .
Item I will to Roger my servant shal have his mendyng of wayes betwene fforest Bowe and Grensted 20s.
Item I will that John Boton my servant shal have his indenture and 6s 8J of money.
Item I bequeth to every of my god children 4d.
Item I will that my good maister Sir John Gage twoe colts nowe being in Brestowe parke and to goo there tyll they twoe be able to be rydden, if it please him desiring him to be good maister to all my children and specially to John my sonne, all the residue of my goodes not bequethed I give to my sonnes John and Edward except that my wyfe have a man childe that then I will that Edward shall have all the said goodes to his owne use and profite ffurthermore I make and ordeyne my brother John Payne and Thomas Pellam of ffyrryll my executoures to see my children ruled and this my testamente fulfillyed to the pleasure of god and the welthe of my soule and every of them to have for their labours fyve mrks.
Testes William Auery, James Cole, Thomas Rutter cum multis aliis.