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Will of Anne Brocket nee Payne 1631


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Anne Brocket nee Payne Widow Balcombe 22/11/1631 19/03/1632 A21.P181 Brother: Edward Payne (deceased) of Stoneland and his children Edward, Mary & Elizabeth (wife of Thomas Stoner)
Overseers: Thomas Comber of Philpots and his son Thomas
Witnesses: Thomas Comber, Willm Faulkner, Mr Booth , Robert Gaston
PyJ1534 Abstract


The following is a Abstract of the will provided from the SFHG library - Transcribed by Rosie Ansell March 2010

Entry  Agnes Brocket. Will 22 Nov 1631. Probate 19 Mar 1631/2.  A21/181
22th November 1631 Agnes Brocket of Balcombe Sussex widow
Edward Payne and Mary Payne sonne & daughter of my brother Edward Payne of Stoneland deceased
Elizabeth (sole Executrix) my sayd brother Edwards daughter and now the wife of Thomas Stoner of Catsfield
my loving frends Thomas Comber of Philpotts and his son Thomas Comber (overseers)
my lands
Agnes Brockets marke
in the presence of Thomas Comber and Willm Faulkner
Mr Booth
Robert Gaston and his wife with whom shee then lived

Probatum Coram Magro Antonio Hugget C presbro Surrogato etc decimo nono die
Martii Anno Dni iuxta Computaceon Ecclie Anglicane Millesimo Sexcentesimo
Tricesimo primo Juramento Elizabethe Stoner ux Thoma Stoner Execturicis etc  Cui
commissa fuit Administratio bonorum etc de bene et fideliter administrando etc ad
salve etc iurato

The following is a copy of the original 'Will' I obtained from the Lewes Will Microfilm