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Will of Alexander Payne 1558


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Alexander Payne Balcombe, Sx 18/12/1558 27/02/1559 LEWES A4.P210 Wife: Elynor (executor)
Sons: Richard, Thomas, William, John, Robert, Henry (last four under 18 & last five children of Elynor)
Daughters: Agnes Gele, Anne (or Amie), Joan (Johane), Cecilia (last two under 18 & children of Elynor)
Godson: Alexander Payne
Witnesses: William Maudsley, clerk & p’son of Balcombe, Richard Faulkner, John Payn the elder, John Byshe, Edward Fawkner.
PyR1470 Transcript


The following is a transcription of the will provided to me and made by John F Howes - July 2012
(Note: I have inserted some line breaks to aide readability)

In the name of god amen Ao dmi 1558 the xviijth of the month of December I Allexander Payne of the pysshe of Balcombe in the countie of Sussex being sick in bodye but of p’fect remembrance, god be thanked do ordeyn & make my last wyll & testamt in manr & forme following. First I bequeath my soulle unto Allmightie god desiring the blessed virgin Marye with all the holye company of heaven to pray for me. My bodye I wyll to be buryed in the church yard of Balcombe.
Item I give to the same church xiijd.
Item I give to the high altar for my tythes negligently forgotten xjd. .
Item I wyll that there be bestowed at my at my buryall & months mynd to the poore of the pysshe of Balcombe iiijor bushells of whet & iiijor bushells of malte with meate & money as shallbe thought fit by the discretion of Elynor my wyfe.
Item I give to Richard Payne my sonne a bullock and a shepe.
Item I give and bequeath to the sonnes and daughters which I had by Elynor my wyfe that is to say Thomas Payne ij steres of six yeres of age and xlb in money, Wyllym Payne, John Payne, Robert Payne, Henry Payne, Johane Payne and Cecilia Payne to each of them x lb in money or money worth to be divided & paid when they come to the age of xviij years p’viding if fortune any of the said children doe dye before they come to the said age of xviij years then my mynd & wyll is that their porcions so dying before that age be devyded equally among the rest of the said children then lyving.
Item I give to Agnes Gele, my daughter ii bushells of whet.
Item I give to Allexander Payne my godsonne a lamb.
Item I give to Anne (or Amie?) Payne my daughter xxd to be paid to her at the day of her marriage.
Item the rest of all my goods my detts being payed and my wyll fulfylled I give and bequeath them to Elynor my wife whom I make & ordeyn my only true and faythfull executor as my sh---all trust is in her above all executors.
Witness William Maudsley, clerk & p’son of Balcombe, Richard Faulkner, John Payn the elder, John Byshe, Edward Fawkner.

Probate in Latin to Elynor.


The following is a copy of the original 'Will' provided by John Howes