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Will of Ellis Midmore 1592


Name Place Date
Date Proved Ref. Main People Identified Fam Grp
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Ellis Midmore Chiddingly, Sx 01/05/1592 06/06/1592 LEWES A9.P45 Wife: Mary
Sons: John (executor), Ellis , Samuel (all under 21)
Daughters: Elizabeth, Rebecca (both under 21)
Others: Mr Bingham,Edward Lacit
Overseers: William Jeffrey, Stephen Frenche, Anthony Stoker
Witnesses: John Kinge, William Stroker, William Midmore

Property: Dickerland

The following is a transcription of the will provided from the SFHG library - Transcribed by June Biggs - April 2005
(Note: I have inserted some line breaks to aide readability)

In the name of God amen: the firste daye of Maye annno domini 1592 I Ellys Midmore of Chittinglye in the county of Sussex yeoman (within the dioces of Chichester) beinge sicke in body but of good and perfecte remembrance thanks be given to god: doe make and ordeyne this my last will and testament in manner and forme followinge. First I commend my soule unto god that gave it believinge assuredlye to be saved onely by Christ Jesus my redeemer and Saviour And my bodye to the earth from whence it was taken
First I geve to the poore of the Parishe of Chittinglye Twenty shillings
Item I give unto Mr Bingham Twentye shillings to be paid him within one halfe yeare next after my decease
Item I geve unto Mary my wife two kyne or five pounds of money at her choice and one sorrell mare of three yeare olde or four markes of money at her choice
Item I geve unto Mary my wife the third parte of all my houshold sstuffe and the best bedstedde now the hall Item I will and give unto my sonne John all the rest of the bedsteddes, presses, cupboards, tables, formes and my furnace
Item all the rest of the houshold stuffe not given my will and mynd is that it shalbe equally devided amongste my five children John Ellys Samuell Elizabethe and Rebecka (and my wife to have the use and custodye of all the household stuffe before named to my children durying her widowhood) to be delivered unto them at the daye of marage or age of one and twentye yeares which shall first happen. And if any dye before the daye or age abovesaid his or her parte to remayn unto the survivors
Item I will and give unto Mary my wife all such provisions of come and victualls as be in my house at the tyme of my death Item I will and give unto Ellys and Samuell my sonnes Fiftye pounds apece to be paid to them at the age of One and Twentye yeares And if any dye before the age of One and twentye yeares the survivor to have his portion
I geve and bequeath unto my two daughters Elizabeth and Rebecka Thirtye pounds a peece to be payde to them at the age of One and twentye yeares or daye of mariage which shall first happen And if any of them departe this life before the daye or age above said her parte to remayne to the survivor
Item I give authoritye unto William Jeffrey Stephen Frenche and Anthony Stoker whome I ordayne and make my Overseers of trust to let and sell my lands to the most profitt and to receave the rents thereof to the bringinge up of my children, to fell and sell all of my woode and underwoode as they shall thinke moste and conveniente (excepte Tymber) with all my cattle and corne upon the grounde the money therof comynge my debts beinge payd to be towards the performance of those Legacies as before by me bequeathed And if the sale of the said woode and other the rest of my moveables goods will not suffise to paye my debts and Legacies abovesaid then my will and mynd is that the said William Jeffrey Christopher Frenche and Anthonye C..traken shall have full power and authoritye by this my Will to sell one parcell of my lande called the Dicker land lyinge in Chittinglye to the moste proffitt and comeditye they can to use of the payment of the cebts and Legacies And if my heires when they shall come to the age of one and twentye yeares shall refuse to confirme the act of my Overseers then my will and mynd is that he that shall buy the said parcell of land called Dicker land shall hacve full payment by the yeare out of the residue of my lande untill such tyme as my said heire shall be contente to make him such reasonable assurance as by lawe shall be thoughte meete and convenientItem I ordayne and make John Midmore my sonne whole Executor of this my last will and testament
And the abovenamed William Jefferaye Stephen Frenche and Anthonye Stroker overseers of the same when my heire and Executor shall come unto the age of one and twentye yeares they to make an accompte unto him of all such things as they hgave had donge of duringe his mynorite
Item my will and mynd us that Marie my wife shall aat all tymes have full Egresse and Regresse into my house and every parte thereof duringe the tyme of her widowhood and the keepinge of her two kine and mare in and upon my landes duringe her widowhood
Item my mynde is that Ellys Rout my boye shall at thend of his yeares have a cowe or fortye shillings of money accordinge to his Indentures By me Ellis Midmore witnesses John Kinge and William Stroker

Item my will and mynd is that Marye my wife shall not at any tyme fell or cut downe any parte of the woode or underwoode (except it be for the fire to burn in the house ) if she doe then she shall lose the benefitt of my will
Item I will Edward Lacit one two yearinge and one fat shepe againste his mariage
Witnesses William Midmore William Stroker

Probate granted 6 June 1592