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Will of Ellis Midmore 1540


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Ellis Midmore Chiddingly, Sx 20/12/1540     Wife: Alice
Sons: Richard (under 23), John
Daughters: Alice,Joan, Dyonys
Son in law:Nycholas Lobdell
Witnesses: Robert Saxpresse Thomas Frenche John Frenche John Mydmore
Properties: Woods & farms at Heathfield

The following is a transcription of the will provided from the SFHG library - Transcribed by June Biggs - April 2005
(Note: I have inserted some line breaks to aide readability)

In the name of god amen the xxth day of December in the year of our Lord god m d xl I Ellys Mydmor of Chetynglegh in the countie of Sussex beyng sycke of body but of god hole & perfytt remembrance thanks be to god my only Savyor make ordeyn and dyspose thys my present testament and last wyll in manner & forme following viz Fyrst I bequeth my Soulle to th'only ..... mercie of almyghtie god And my body to be buryed within the churche of Chetynglegh att the North Syde
Item I wyll that Alys my wyfe shall have alle my lands and stuffe of housold untyll my Son Richard comyth to th'age of xxviij yers if she keepe her selfe sole yn maryage paynge to my sayd son Richard yearly xls to fynd himself untyll he come unto th'age above sayde
And if so be yt my sayde wyfe do marye before my son comyth to th'age above aforesayde then I wyll that my son in lawe Nycholas Lobdell shall have the custody of Richards pa--rte of the sayde goods and the lands tyll my sayde son Richard comeyth to th'age of xxiij aforesayd and my wyfe to have the iij parte of all my lands and halfe my moveables & no more
Item I bequeth to every of my iij doghters Alys Johane & Dyonys unmaryed xxti markes to there maryage to be ........ levyd out of my Stoke my lease and my woodes and formes at Hethfeld as far as itt wyll extend and if there be any adpluse yt ys to be equally devyded betwyne myne executors in manner & forme as they do all other of my goods
Item I bequeth to John my sone ij kine & a calfe
Item I wyll that my saydwyff immedyattly after my decesse shall make as muche money as comyth to xxxiiij li oute of my sayd stocke at Hethfeld for to redeme my lands which lythe to morgage unto Pelham of Fyrle and she to have the sayd land as long as she is sole and if my sayd myfe marry then she to have the one halle of the said lands for terme of her lyfe and my son Richard th'other halle when he comyth to th'age abovesayd
And of thys my present testament and last wyll I ordeyne and make my executor my sayde wyfe and Richard my son
theis byng witnesses Robert Saxpresse Thomas Frenche John Frenche John Mydmore and other mo

Probate copy of Will. ESRO:AIa-23