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Will of John Feldwick (1561)


Name Place Date
Date Proved Ref. Main People Identified Fam Grp
Transcript or Copy: readability
John Feldwick West Hoathly
07/02/1561 (believed correct but transcript shows 6th)
(Note: 'Will' shows 1560)
25/08/1561 LEWES A5.P18
(& PCC Prob 11/44/296)
Wife: Thomasine
Sons: William (executor), John
Others: John Benat (Kinsman)
Overseers: Thomas Payne of Stone, John Payne of Horshome, Richard Gatland and Thomas Browne
Witnesses: John Gasson & John Lurlin vicar of  West Hoathly
FeJ1520 Transcript


The following transcription was provided to me by Chris Allen. He had it produced by the East Sussex Record Office who hold the original will (using some modern punctuation):
(Note: I have inserted some line breaks to aide readability)

In the name of God Amen the 6th day of February in Anno Domini 1560 I John Feldwyck of the parish of West Hothligh in the County of Sussex and in the Diocese of Chichester being sick of body but whole of mind and perfect of remembrance thanks be unto Almighty God, do ordain and make this my present testament and last will and form following.
First and before all other things I give and commit my soul unto Almighty God and to His mercy trusting without any doubt or mistrust that through His death and passion I have and shall have remission of my sins and resurrection of my soul and body at the last day when the Lord shall come to judge the quick and the dead and my body I will to the earth to be buried in the churchyard of West Hothligh aforesaid, and as touching the distribution of my temporal goods my purpose is by the grace of God to bestow them to be excepted as fruits of faith.
First my will and my mind is to have bestowed at my burial or immediately after unto the poor people of West Hothligh aforesaid 20s by the discretion of my overseers.
Item I give unto Catherine Jonson one ewe and to the residue of my godchildren 4d a piece also I give and bequeath unto Thomasin my wife £40 of good and lawful money of England and 2 pair of sheets the second best and the chest which she brought unto me paid and delivered unto her within 2 years next immediately after my decease. Also my will is that Thomazyn my wife shall have in my house one chamber which she thinks best with sufficient & competent meat drink fires & fleat with free ingress and regress and a sufficient bedde one of the best to have and to lodge in at all times for & during while she keepeth herself widow and no longer.
Item I give and bequeath unto John my son £20 of good and lawful money of England to be paid unto him when he shall accomplish the age of 21 years provided that if in case my wife be with child with a woman child and the same child fortune to live until such time as it shall accomplish the age of 18 years, then it is my very will and mind that the same child be a woman shall have unto her own use the same £20 last above said given and bequeathed unto John my son anything here above mentioned and given unto John my son in any wise notwithstanding.
Item I give unto John my son 4 kine with her calves to be delivered unto him when he shall accomplish the age of 21 years.
Item it is my will that William my son shall be found a school to learn to write and read English sufficiently furthermore if it shall fortune to be a man child that my wife is with child and go by that then it is my will that John my son shall be put to school for and during the space of 7 years the last 3 years of the same 7 years to be put to school for Oxford or Cambridge at the cost and charges of my executor in grammar and the said child of my wife goeth by if it be a man child to be put and found at school until such time as he can sufficiently write and read English. Also it is my will that William my son & executor shall with the profit of my lands and goods find with meat drink and clothes as well in sickness as in health all his brothers and sisters until such time as they shall accomplish the age of 21 years.
Item it is my will that John Benat my kinsman shall have the occupying of all my lands and goods at and for such reasonable prices and conveyances as shall be thought mete and good by the discretion of my overseers for the profit and bringing up of my children as above is said until such time as my heir shall accomplish his lawful age and further it is my will that the said John Benat shall have the custody and bringing up of my said children until such time as my heir shall accomplish and come to his lawful age as before said the same John Benat giving and making at all times such assurance and account of the same lands and goods and the profits of the same as shall be demanded required and thought good mete by the discretion of my overseers to the use and profit of my executor and the performance of this my present last will and testament.
Item I give unto Alice Tothe my servant one twelvemonthing bullock immediately after my decease.
The residue of all my goods chattels and debts first paid my several expenses fulfilled and this my legacies herein contained firstly performed I wholly leave and give unto William my son who I ordain and make my whole and only executor see it performed accordingly. Also I ordain and make Thomas Payne of Stone, John Payne of Horshome, Richard Galnd and Thomas Browne my overseers and by virtue hereof this my present will and testament giving unto them full power and authority to execute the same and to see all things herein contained instly and truly executed according to the true intent mean purpose and effect hereof as my special trust is in them they will so do and they to have for their labour & pains in that behalf 6s 8d apiece and all their reasonable expenses on that behalf sustained. These being witnesses at the making hereof John Lurlin vicar of  West Hoathligh aforesaid, John Gasson, Richard Gatland and I Thomas Browne writer.

Proved 25 August 1561 by Thomasine Feldwyke relict


The following is a copy of the original 'Will' - (narrative & copy provided by Jane Wicks)

The Latin script at the bottom of wills is often ignored, but they can sometimes contain useful information, as in the case of this one. This is interesting because it does not begin with word, probatum, (proved) neither does it contain the usual wording contained in a probatum, but it begins with the date and then states that administration of the estate has been granted to Thomazine Feldwek and that the executor of the will is a young minor. The end of it cannot quite be read except that her agent is named Christopher Smyth. Administration of the estate by Thomasine was not in accord with the terms of the will, but the will could not be formerly proved if the executor was not old enough to apply for probate.