Peter Brown Family History

Richard Feldwick- Indented Charter 1428


Translated from the Latin document below by Jane Wicks July 2011

                                                   Indented Charter 1428

Know all those present and future that I, Richard Feldwyk, of the parish of West Hodlyghe in the county of Sussex, have given, granted and by this, my present indented charter, confirmed to Richard Wyndham, one mesuage with garden adjoining the same, in the parish aforesaid, between the King’s highway leading from the house of me, the said Richard Feldwyk, towards Grynstede on the east and my land to the west and north and between land called Homewodyslond on the south as it is by metes and bounds divided, approved and the same shown. To have and to hold the whole of the said messuage with garden adjoining the same to the said Richard Wyndham, his heirs and assigns, forever, paying to me and my heirs for the service of two pence annually, at two times in the year, that is to say, at the feasts of Easter and of St Michael, in two equal payments for all services, secular [demands] and other things. And I truly, the said Richard Feldwyk and my heirs, shall warrant and forever, discharge and defend, the whole of that messuage with garden adjoining the same, to the said Richard Wyndham and his heirs and assigns, against all peoples for the service of two pence as aforesaid, notwithstanding services to the lord King. In witness of which matter, to this present, indented charter, I have put my seal. These being witnesses, John Longrigge, Walter Feldwyk, Andrew Russell, Richard Schotborne, Walter Jerard and others, given at Westhodlyghe aforesaid, the first day of February, in the sixth year of the reign of King Henry the sixth, after the conquest.

copy taken from the Wakehurst Archives