Peter Brown Family History

Will of Sarah Faulconer 1726


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Date Proved Ref. Main People Identified Fam Grp
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Sarah Faulconer West Hoathly 29/12/1726 24/11/1727 LEWES A52.P391 Brothers: Edward, George, John, Walter, Henry
Sister: Anne Hamlyn wife of William
Neices/Nepthews: Mary, Anne and Elizabeth children of Edward; Mary, John, George and Henry children of George (all under 21)
Other: Sarah Brown daughter of Thomas Brown (under 21)
Executor: sister Anne
Witnesses: Anne Wheeler, Farthingando Pelling & Thomas Short
FaJ1591 Abstract

The following is an abstract of the will provided from "Fragmenta Genealogica volume 10"

SARAH FAULCONER of West Hoathly, spinster. To three nieces, Mary, Anne and Elizabeth Faulconer, daughters of my brother Edward Faulconer, ^5 each at 21. To three nephews, John, George and Henry Faulconer, sons of my brother George Faulconer, .£10 each at 21. To niece Mary, daughter of my brother George Faulconer, ^10 at 21. To Sarah Browne, daughter of Thomas Browne of West Hoathly, yeoman, £10 at 21 ; and if any of the above are 21 at my death, then within 12 months of my death. To my four brothers, John, Walter, Edward and Henry Faulconer, 1* each. Residuary legatee and executrix my sister Anne, wife of William Hamlyn of West Hoathly, yeoman. Witnesses: Anne Wheeler, Farthingando Pelling and Thomas Short. Dated 29 December 1726. Proved 24 November 1727, by executrix.