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Will of Joan Faulconer 1640


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Joan Faulconer (Faulkener) Lewis, Sx 1640   LEWES A26.P251 Mother: Ann Clayett
Sister: --- Clayett
Sons: Lancelot Faulkener (eldest-executor), Richard Faulkener, George Faulkener, Richard Faulkener
Daughter: Joan Faulkener
Grandchildren: …. Faulkener and John Faulkener ,Joane Faulkener
Kinsman: William Clayett
Cousin: Caleb Bluedot, Mary Stanstweet? and Elizabeth Bluedot, Mary Russell
Witnesses: Mary….., Mary Russell, Elizbeth Budet, Anne Cumberland, Joan Faulkener.

The following is a transcription of the will provided from the SFHG library - Transcribed by Natalie Lerner - April 2005
(Note: I have inserted some line breaks to aide readability)

In the name of God Amen. I Joan Faulkener ……… of the County of Sussex, widdow, being sick  in body but of perfect… memory thanks be given therefore to God therefore do make and declare this my last will and testament in….. manner and form the following. First I commend my soul into the hands of Almighty God my creator and  maker………my redeemer will ……will glorify it for ever and my body to be buried in parish church of St. Mary Westout in Lewes. 
Item I do give to the poor of the said parish twenty shillings. I give to the poor of St. Michaels in Lewes before said the sum of twenty shillings.
I give to my well beloved mother Ann Clayett the sum of twenty shillings.
I give to my sister Clayett twenty shillings.
I give to my kinsman William Clayett the sum of twenty shillings.
I give to my Mary Stanstweet? and Elizabeth Bluedot? to either of them twenty shillings apiece
I give my cousin Mary Russell the sum of twenty shillngs.
To my cousin Caleb Bluedot I give ten shillings.
Item I to my eldest son Lancelot Faulkener one silver bowl one pair of holland sheets one dozen of table cloths and one dozen of napkins.
Item I give to my well beloved grandchild Joane Faulkener one silver …… and one silver spoon two pair of……sheets one sideboard cloth of lawn and one sideboard cloth……round with black silk and three worked pillowcoats not made……
Item I give to her all my wearing linen.
Item I give to my two grandchildren …. Faulkener and John Faulkener the each of them one silver spoon.
Item I give to my well beloved daughter Joan Faulkener my mending ? cabinet with all the …. therein, one ….. petticoat and one stuff petticoat…. one water? gown and my best hat one damask napkin, and the ring of gold.
Item I give to my said daughter my riding coat.
Item I give to my grandchild Joan Faulkener my sheets? 
Item I give to my well beloved son Richard Faulkener one cadle? a cup of silver with ….  … him and two silver spoons one sideboard cloth wrought with silk…the…. Item one damask sideboard cloth laced? round one …. tablecloth and napkins to him of the same work, two pair of holland sheets one pair of my best pillow coats….. eight holland napkins one long flaxen tablecloth, four pair of the finer set of sheets on ….. …. possett?, one brass pot one little brass possett? one great iron pot… …. one little pair of andrirons with the shovel and tongs, a long….table, two little frame…. …. , one …. bed, one third part of my pewter, the basin and ewer only excepted.
Item I give to him my best petticoat of green silk morochain? And my best black morochain? gown, one …. …. worked, one little bible one green chain and …. green stools.
Item I give to my well beloved son George Faulkener one silve porringer and one silver spoon…. and one silver spoon that was given him and I give to him one third of my  pewter saving that before excepted, one little iron pot two pairs of sheets one book named the new covernant.
Item I give to my daughter Joan Faulkener one cupboard cloth worked laced and one sideboard cloth.
Item I give the residue of my goods and chattels and ….my debts and legacies and funeral expenses defrayed. I give and bequeathe unto my son Lancelot Faulkener whom I make the executor of this my last will…and testament the day and the year above written.
In the presence of Mary….., Mary Russell, Elizbeth Budet, the mark of Anne Cumberland, the mark of Joan Faulkener.


No probate due to Civil War