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Will of John Dungate 1662


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John Dungate West Hoathly

(Note: 'Will' shows 1661)

05/05/1665 PCC Prob 11/316/554 Wife: Anne ( Executrix)
Brothers: Henry, Edward
Sisters: Elizabeth (not shown as living), Anne (now wife of Thomas Chapman)
Brother in law: George Payne and hios daughter Sarah
Nephews/Nieces: Anne daughter of Henry,: sons John, Thomas and daughters Anne (now wife of John Feldwick), Elizabeth & Mary children of sister Elizabeth; John Wheeler & Ann (her daughters Elizabeth & Mary and to her said daughter Anns child which she had by one Young?), children of sister Anne.
Godsons: John Clements, John Dungat of ?Birford John Dungatt, tanner, John Mills and John Markie and Mary the wife of Danell Wicken , Anne Wicken (my wifes goddaughter)
Cousin: Thomas Payne
Overseers: godson John Clements and my cosen Nicholas Muldup? of birchfield
Others: Daniel Wicken
Witnesses: John Dungatte Henry Faulconer, John Hull, clerk
Properties mentioned: Duckells; Strudgat land, Ffowles
DuT1574 Transcript

The following is a transcription of the will provided to me and made by John F Howes - July 2015
(Note: I have inserted some line breaks to aide readability)

In the name of god amen the one and twentieth day of March in the yeare of our Lorde one thousand six hundred sixty and one I John Dungate of Duckells in the parrish of Westhoadley in the County of Sussex yeoman being of perfect memory and reasonable good health, I thank god for it, doe make this my last will and testament in manner following. First I commend my soule to Almighty god my maker and redeemer. And my bodye to bee buryed at the discrecion of Ann my loving wife whom I ordayne sole executrix of this my will revoking herein all former wills. And for the temporall estate which god hath blessed me withal I dispose as followeth. Imprimis I give to the poore of Westhoadley aforesaid fifty shillings to be distributed as my executrix shall think fitt.
Item I give to my brother Henry Dungatt five pounds and to his daughter Anne tenne pounds. And to my brother Edward Dungatt five pounds.
Item I give to my sister Elizabeth’s children, to her sonne John Six pounds and to her sonne Thomas five pounds and to her daughter Ann now wife of John Feldwicke and to her daughter Elizabeth five pounds and to her daughter Mary five pounds.
Item I give to my brother in law George Payne forty shillings and to his daughter Sarah twenty shillings.
Item I give to my sister Ann now wife of Thomas Chapman and to her son John Wheeler six pounds and to her daughter Ann five pounds. And to her daughter Elizabeth five pounds and to her daughter Mary and to her said daughter Anns child which she had by one Young? twenty shillings.
Item I give to my godsons vizt. John Clements, John Dungat of ?Birford John Dungatt, tanner, John Mills and John Markie twentie shillings a peece and to Mary the wife of Danell Wicken twentie shillings.
Item I give to my cosen Thomas paynes children twenty shillings a peece and to my said cosen Feldwicke’s children twenty shillings a peece. All to be paid by my said executrix within six months next after my decease to the said legatees, they giving their acquittances for the same or their parents or guardians for them.
I give to the rest of my godchildren twelve pence a peece if they demand it of my executrix within twelve months next after my decease. Them likewise giving acquittances.
Item I give to my servants that shall be dwelling with me in my house at the time of my death six shillings and eight pence a peece thereafter giving acquittance as aforesaid.
Item I give unto Ann Wicken my wife’s god daughter twentie shillings.
I doe appoint my said godson John Clements and my cosen Nicholas Muldup? of birchfield as overseers to this my will intreating them to assist myne executrix in the execucon thereof. And I doe give them twentie shillings a peece over and above their charges that they shall sustayne thereby.
Item I will that my said wife for the better disposing of her stocks of corne, cattell & other goods that I leave to her shall have to her own use all my household barnes, lands, tenements which I have in myne own occupation during the space of half a yeare next after my decease.
Item I give and devise to my said wife all my coppices and underwoods in and upon the parcel of Strudgat land now in my possession which I purchased of Sir William Culpeper, baronet together with the topps & lopps of the trees that have bin formerly topped and lopped together with free liberty to cutt, cord, cole or any otherwise to convert and carry away the same at her will and pleasure within one yeare next after my decease culling it in seasonable tyme that it may the better grow again and pulling nor culled therein to of the yeare that my said wife may not conveniently take the benefitt of this my genty within the said yeare without damage or hinder to the said coppice by reason of unseasonable cutting thereof then my will is shee shall have soe much longer tyme therein that shee may conveniently doe it. And have the benefitt thereof according to this my will. And I would have my said brother Edward Dungatt, to permit her soe to doe unless I cause it to be null myself before I dye.
Item I will, devise and give unto my brother Edward Dungatt and his heires all that my parcel of Strudgat lands now in my occupation wch I purchased as aforesaid with their appurtenances to have and to hold to him the said Edward Dungatt and his heir and assignes and to his and their use and behoofe forever more the said Edward and his heires ----- by allowing to my said wife the woods aforesaid according to my will. And all such dues that shall belong to her in or out of the said lands.  And if my said brother Henry or his heires shall at any tyme sue or trouble my said wife or my brother Edward or his heires in any way to make voyd or recalled this my willin anything touching or concerning the estate that I have given them or either of them hereby in my said Strudgat lands or any part thereof then my will and meaning therein is that my said brother Edward shall have and enjoy all my lands and tenements in Westhoadley aforesaid called the Ffowles to have and to hold to him and his heires forever. And shall or may thereunto immediately or at any suche tyme or at any suche suite or trouble commenced.
Item I will devise unto my said wife during her life all the new end of my house here at Duckells from the bottom to the top with free liberty of ingress, egress and regress to and from the same and to have water at the dean well there and to use the bucket rope and other tackling about the said well as shall be commonly used there for the necessary use of her selfe, her friends and servants. And to have convenient places in the closes to lay wood in for her necessary use and all other connections or conveniences that may bee for her and her friends and servants going and coming to and from the said new end of the said house and I would have my said brothers Henry and Edward to permit my said wife to enjoy her dower or thirds of all my lands and tythes wheresoever quietly and peaceably without frand or cavilllacon??? only I would devise her to forbear the demanding or takings my thirds of the lands which my brother Henry and danell Wicken bought of me and now in their possession because they allowed me for it in severall purchases. And I hope I hope (written twice) I have made her sufficient recompenses for it in this my will. But I would have them allow for her the thirds of my tythes thereof.
Item I would have remayne attendant of heirlooms to my house at Duckells these things following vizt; the chimney plate, the brandiron, the table, the forms the benches and the shelves in the hall and the hall chamber where I use to lye the bedsteddle that I bought from Grinstead and the chest wherein I use to lay my writeings and in the loft over the little parlour the bedsteddle that is in there. All the rest of my goods and chattels, corne, cattell and household stuff and all debts owing unto me by bill. hand or otherwise. And all annuities, rents, charges, mortgages and moneys by any number of ways owing unto me I doe give and bequeath to my said wife and executrix together with all bills, bonds, deeds and writeings concerning the same and all the benefitt that may be had by the said deeds and writeings to her said only use and behoofe.
And I doe publish and declare this to be my last will and testament under my hand and seale in the presence of John Dungatte Henry Faulconer, John Hull, clerk.        
Probate in Latin to Anna Dungat relicte on 5 May 1665