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Will of William Daniel 1674


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William Daniel Shipley, Sx 16/06/1674 1677 Chichester STC I 26/180 Sons: Andrew (executor), William
Daughters: Mary (executor), Elizabeth wife of Samuel Borrer
Grandchild: John (son of William-under 21)
Sons in law: Richard Batchellor, John Batchellor and William Batchellos
Daughter in law: Mary the wife of Thomas Hen of Westgrinsted
Witnesses: Jo. Upton, Thos Ney, Richard Baollsen
DaJ1540 Transcript

The following is a transcription of the will provided from the SFHG library - Transcribed by Claire Wickens October 2009
(Note: I have inserted some line breaks to aide readability)

In the name of God Amen I Wm Daniell of the prish of Shipley in the County of Sussex husbandman beinge not only sicke in body but in good & pfect minde & remembrance thanks bee given to almighty God doe make & ordaine this my last Will & Testamt in manner & forme followinge first & principally I bequeath my Soul into the hands hopeing in & through Jesus Christ to have free & full pardon and forgivenesse of all my sins & my body to bee decently buried at the discrecon of my Extors hereafter named and the disposition of all such Worldly Goods as it hath pleased almighty God to bestow upon mee I dispose of them as followeth
Itm I give unto my three Son-in-Laws that is to say Richard John and William Batchellors to each of them twelve pence apeice to bee pd unto each of them wthin three months after my decease
Itm I give unto my daughter in Law Mary the wife of Thomas Hen of Westgrinsted husbandman to bee pd within three months after my decease one shillinge
Itm I give unto my daughter Elizabeth the wife of Samuel Borrer the sum of two pounds of good & lawfull money of England to bee pd within three months after my decease
Itm all the rest of my goods & chattells both reall & personall moveable & immoveable whatsoever I doe give unto my son Andrew Daniell & my daughter Mary Daniell whom I doe make my whole & sole Extors of this my last Will & Testament upon condicon that they shall pay all my Debts & Legacies & Discharge all my funerall expences and my Will & meaninge is that after my Debts & Legacies funerall expences are paid & discharged that what doth remaine of my goods shall bee equally divided between my Extors that is to say Andrew Daniell & Mary Daniell hopeinge that they will quietly agree as loveinge children should doe &
I doe hereby revoke & disanull all former Wills & Testamts heretofore by mee made & doe declare this to bee my last Will & Testamt In Witnesse hereof I Wm Daniell doe sett my hand & seale to this my last Will & Testamt before Witnesse hereof this beinge the sixteenth day of June Anno Dni 1674 / Mem.
That I doe give unto my Grandchild Jo. Daniell the son of my son Wm Daniell the Sum of twenty shills of good & lawfull money of England to bee pd unto him by my Extors when he doth come to the age of one & twenty yeares wch was forgotten to bee sett downe in his due place & I Wm Daniell doe declare it to bee pt of this my last Will & Testamt beforethe
Witnesses here subscribed was done before the publishinge & Sealinge hereof The marke of Wm Daniell / Read published signed Sealed & declared to be the last Will & Testamt to the within named in the psence of us the mark of Jo. Upton Thos Ney Richard Baollsen

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