Peter Brown Family History

Will of John Colgate 1755


Name Place Date
Date Proved Ref. Main People Identified Fam Grp
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John Colegate Tonbridge, Knt 11/06/1755 Codacil 16/11/1768 24/07/1773   Wife: Anne (executor)
Father in Law: thomas Holamby
Godsons: Matthew Stidolph, John Mugridge
Others: Margaret Stone, Elizabeth Caret, Alice Caret


The following abstract of the will is taken from records at the East Sussex Record office HOP/43/3  19 Aug 1773

Mercer and country shopkeeper
1) To Margaret Stone of Tonbridge, rent charge of £5 p.a. on 3 messuages near Bentham Brook, Southborough, Tonbridge and land at Stockling Green, Speldhurst, Kent
2) To Elizabeth Caret of Tonbridge, widow, rent charge of £10 p.a. on lands at Hadlow and Cage Green, Tonbridge, w. Kent
3) To Alice Caret, rent charge of £10 p.a. on lands at Hadlow and Tonbridge
4) To Ann Colgate (wife of John), all lands in Tonbridge, Speldhurst and Hadlow
5) To trustees of the charity school at Tonbridge, £100
6) To Thomas Hollamby of Tonbridge (father-in-law), £50
7) To Matthew Stidolph of Tonbridge (godson), £50
8) To John Mugridge of Tonbridge (godson), £50
9) Various small bequests
10) Surrender of copyhold land in Frant, Sussex, to use of wife, who is made executrix