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Will of John Chaloner 1520


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John Chaloner Lindfield, Sx 23/12/1520 22/02/1521 PCC Prob 11/20/58 Wife: Alice
Sons: Thomas (executor), Nicholas
Daughter: Johanna, Benet
Cousin: Lewes Chaloner
Others: Richard Payne, Johane Cogger, John Sayer the sone of Willm Sayer, Jamce Marten my servant, Thomas Pekston, John Semcok, Willm Robyn, Alys Bakshell, Margret Canon , Marjery Lonysact,
John Tynkers, Ric Chaloners.Richard Neles (all deceased)
Overseers: Mr Richard Covert and John Thatcher
Witnesses: Mr John Cacher?, Mr N…? Boreth …. , John Horsses, John A More. Willm Sayer
Properties: Blake lands, Smythes lands, Thystyll  ,Newefeld , Brode lands, Pewnkherst Mede, Radeleffs

The following is a transcription of the will provided from the SFHG library - made by Dave Woolven May 2011
(Note: I have inserted some line breaks to aide readability)

In the name of God Amen the xxiii day of December the yere of or Lord God m vc xx and the xii yere of the reigne of or sovaigne Lord Kyng Henry the viiith I John Chalonre of Lyndefeld of hole mynde & pfyt remembrance beyng make and ordeyne this my present testament and last will in man and fourme folowyng that is to say. 
Furst I bequeth my soule to God Almyghty my Maker & Redemer to his mother or Blessed Lady Saint Mary the holy virgyn and to all the saints of hevyn.  Seconderyly my body to be buried in the ile of Saint John wtin the churche of Lynefeld aforesaid.  Also I bequeth to the high awlter ther for my tythes nechgently forgoten and wtdrawen vs.  Itm I bequeth to the mother churche of Sowthmallyng xxd.  Itm I bequeth to the high awter of Ardynglye for my tythes ther forgotten and wtdrawn vis viiid.  Also I bequeth to the churche of Lyndefeld xxl toward the makynge of a newe roodeloft whereof vil xis viiid pcell of the said xxl I should have paid for oon Richard Payne of the hoth.  And yf the pyshe refuse to make the said rodelofte then myn executoures dyspose it abowte the said churche within the space of iiii yeres next after my decease as they think best by there dyscression.  Also I gyve to ev’y light wtin the churche of Lyndefeld viiid. 
Also I will the my executors shall have & peasible occupie  by the suffrance of my feoffees a close of land called the Brome Gore lying and adyoyning unto the marlle on the bak side of Lyndefeld and destrybute the pfytts therof in man and forme folowyng that is to say they shall fynde ii taps of wax contynually burnnyng uppon my tombe ev’y holy day thorough the yere fro the begynnyng of the Masse tyll after ..acryng of the hye Masse by the space of vii yeres next after my decease.  And aft the ende of the said terme to burnne in lyke man byfore the hye awter tyll the full terme of xxti yeres next after my decease be expyred yf my executors so longe lyve and that pforme and doo or ells I will the churche wardens ther for the tyme beyng shall cloose for the pformans of my said will in that behalfe.  And after the ende of the said xxti yeres to remayn to my next heyres. Itm I will that myn executors or the churche wardens ther by the space of iii yeres next after my decease shall pay ev’y Sonday to the Vyker or pysshe preest of the said churche for the tyme beinge 1d so that the said vyker or preest ev’y Sunday by the space of the said iii yeres atte Masse tyme doo say or sing on my tombe libera me due & wt sence & holy water.  And yf the said vicar or preest that refuse to do then to be stow the said money to poure people by ther dyscression.  And that to be done of the … & psytte of the said close of land called Brome Gare yf it will so ferre extend or ells myn executors to make recompence of my goods to the pformynge thereof.  Also I will that myn executors shall cause a trentall of xxx Masses to said or songe atte the day of my buryeing wtin the churche of Lyndfeld yf there may so many prists begotten or ells by fore my monethes day (ev’y preest to have xd).  And ev’y clark that is a conyng singer iiiid and ev’y other clark synging iid and to other children accordying at the dyscression of myn executours.  Also I will that myn executours cause a trentall of masses to be songe or seid at my monethes day gyffyng ev’y preest & clark as ys above specified and in like man a trentall to be song or said att my yeres day.  Also I will that myn executours shall fynde a preese synging for my soule for the soules of my father & mother and Nichas Chalnors soule & for all Cristen soules before my herst by the space of vii yeres next ensuyng aft my decease.  And the said preest to say ii tymes every weeke duryng the said vii yeres plactbo & diryge gevyng to the said prest as he & myn executours may agree provided always that he be an able prest. 
Itm I bequeth unto ev’y of my God children xiid. 
Itm I bequeth unto Johane Cogger iiiil. 
Itm unto John Sayer the sone of Willm Sayer xxs when he cometh to the age of xxiii yeres. 
Itm I bequeth unto Lewes Chaloner my cosyn in full satisffacion of and for all rekenyngs and demands bytwen hym and me for his fathers goods which I had in my kepinge and ferther to pray for my soule yf he can be therewt contented xxl.  And yf he can not be soo content & pleased then I will myn executors shall distribute the said xxl for the welth of my soule & his fathers my brother soule and all or frends soules & all Xpen soulls by there discression. 
Itm I will that Johanna my daughter shall have xxl of good laufull money to hir mariage yf she wilbe ruled some what aft the mynde of her mother & other of her frends. 
Item I bequeth to my daughter Benet toward her mariage xl of good and laufull money to be paid to her in lyke maner. 
Itm I bequeth unto Jamce Marten my sevnte vis  viiid. 
Itm to Thomas Pekston xxd. 
Itm to John Semcok xiid. 
Itm to Willm Robyn xiid. 
Itm to Alys Bakshell vis viiid. 
Itm to Margret Canon xiid. 
Itm to Marjery Lonysact xiid. 
Itm I bequeth to my sone Nichas the thirde pte of all my catell or the value thereof as it shall be apprased and devyded by the discression of myn overseer the whiche money to be delyvered unto the said Nichas when he cometh to the age of xxiii yeres by the honds of his brother Thomas executors to the said John Chaloner.  And yf the said Nichas dye before the age of xxiii yeres that then the value of the said catell shall remayn unto the executours of the said John Chaloner in fulfillyng of his last will. 
Item I will that my plate be devyded in iii equall ptis by  the dyscression of my overseers aforesaid bytwene Thomas my sone and Alyce my wiffe & Nicholas my sone. 
And the pte of Nicholas of the said plate to be delyvered in to the hands of Thomas and there to remayne unto the tyme that Nichas cometh to the age before rehersed.  And then to hym to be delyvered to his owne use.  Itm I will that yf ther be any matter of consciens the whiche evidently may apper to myn executors & overseers then I will that myn executours and overseers redresse it to the moste welthe and pfytte of my soule. 
All the resedew of all my goods moveable & unmoveabull not wylled nor bequethed my will afore rehersed I will and bequeth unto Alis my wife & Thomas my sone whome I ordeyne and constitute myn executours uppon this my testament and last will.  And in and uppon this my last will and testament faythfully to be fulfilled & completed.
I make and ordeyne Mr Richard Covert and John Thatcher? overseers paiyng for ther labor xls a peece written the day and yere aforesaid. 
Witnesseth Mr John Cacher?, Mr N…? Boreth …. , John Horsses, John A More. Willm Sayer and other …. 
Also I that ev’y childe of John A More of Wvelesffeld when they come to the age of xxiii a cowe. 
Itm I will to Willm Sayer a maser.
Itm this ys the last will of me afore named John Chaloner made the day and yere above written as to the dysposecon of all and singular my Maners lands & tents wt there apptences here after specyfied that ys to saye.  Furst I will that my feoffes shall immedyatly from & after my decease suffer Alys my wif to inyoy & take the pfyts of my dwelling place wt all the lande therunto belongyng sett and lyeinge in Lyndefeld. 
And also of all those lands & tents wt therapptences called Blake lands and Smythes lands. 
Itm ii pcells of lande called Thystyll  …
Itm ii pcells of land whereof one is called Newefeld  the other ys called Brode lands. 
Itm ii crofts late John Tynkers. 
Also a medow called Pewnkherst Mede. 
Also Baldyngs Crofts.
Also a pcell of lande late Ric Chaloners. 
A pcell of lands late John Tynkers. 
Itm a tent wt thapptennaces late Richard Neles.  And also the moyte of my ii corne  … 
Itm a tent with thapptennces called Radeleffs. 
Itm … lands late purchased Mr Kent.  To have & to holde all the remysses keppyng the repacon thereof to her and to her assignes duryng the terme and space that the same Alis my wiff kepeth her selff soole widow & not maried.  In full reco’pens & satysfaccon for her joynter and dower by her or any other in her name or to her use after my decease to be demannded of or yn eny other of my Maners lands or tents free or copy sette or beyng wtin the Counties of Kent or Sussex. 
And yf yt happen the said Alys my wyff to mary then I will my feoffees suffer Thomas my sone to take the pfitts of all the premisses so that he doo truly content and pay yerely wtoute delaye unto the said Alys his mother xil  xiiis  iiiid the whiche I will she shall have halfe yerely paid by evyn porcons to her and her assignes duryng her lyff in full satysfaccon  of her dower & joynter in man and forme as ys above rehersed. 
Also I will that my feoffees in feoffed yn my Maner of Chiltyngton Ferrying shall immedyatly from and after my decease suffer myn executours take the pfytt of the said Maner with thappenances towarde the fyndyng of Nicholas Chaloner my yonger sone. 
And also to the pformans of this my present testament and last will unto the tyme that the said Nichas comyth unto and doith accomplishe the full age of xxiii yeres.  And after that they shall stande feoffed and sealed of the said Maner wt the apptences to the use & behoffe of the said Nichas my sone and to the heires of his body laufully begotten.  And for defaute of suche heires the remaynded thereof to the next heries of me the said John Chaloner uppon this condicon that when the said Nicholas my sone doith accomlyshe and full & laufull age for the admin rement? to  him of the said Manor.  And also of all suche lands and tents wt other bequestes to hym by this my present testament and last will gyffyn & bequethed shall make unto Thomas Chaloner his brother & his heires as good sure sufficient & laufull estate & interest as by the lerned Counceyll of the said Thomas shall be denysed be yt by grante surrender reles or other wise in all my copy holde lands & tents sette lyinge or beinge wtin the Countye of Sussex.  And also of & in all my free lands and tents sette lyeng & beinge wt there appurenances wtin the townes & pisshes of Stapulherst & Hawkeherst in the Countie of Kent. 
Itm I will that my feoffees infeoffed in all my lands and tents called the High Felds lyeing in the pisshe of Hurst ppond immeddyatly from and aft my decease shall suffer myn executours to take the profytt thereof of unto the tyme Nicholas Chaloner my sone doith accomplishe comptly unto the full age of xxiii yeres towards his fynding.  And to the pforemans of this my psent testament and last will.  And after he doith accomplishe the said age they shall stande feoffed and seased there of to the use of the said Nicholas and to the heires of his body laufully begotten.  And for defaute of suche heires to remayn to Thomas my sone and to the heires of his body laufully be gotten. 
And yf yt happen as God desende the said Thomas & Nichas sonnes to dyseas wtout heires of their bodies as is aforesaid then I will that my feoffees infeoffed in the said High Felde shall suffre Thomas Chaloner then lyvyng the sone and heire apparant unto John Chaloner of Cuckfeld to take the pfytts of the said High Felde duryng the terme of his lyff naturall or ells and afterwards then I will that the said Hye Feldis and also  a tent & certeyn lands therunto belongyng called Goddyng Wyke a pcell of lande called South Land and Le Logge Lands wt all there appurtenances shall for ev stande and remayne infeoffmet to the use and intent as hereafter foloweth that is to saye.  I will all the said pcells of lande put to ferme by the feoffers thereof for the tyme beyinge.  And also by the churche wardens of Lyndfeld for the tyme beyng wt other of the moost honest psons of the said pysshe for the yerely fyndyng  of an honest preest whiche shall syng and pr’y for my soule the sowles of my father and mother for all my frends and for all Xpen soulles in the chappell or yle of Saint John atte Lyndfeld aforesaid.  And he to have yerely for his laboure and stypende vil xiiis iiiid.  And the resydewe of the issues & profytts of the said lands and tents wt there appurtenances to remayn to the use and behuffe of the said churche by the dysposicon ordre & govnance as is above rehersed.

This Will was proved at Lambeth 22 Feb 1520 by Alice the relict & Thomas Chaloner the executors &c


Transcribed from a downloaded copy by Dave Woolven, 2 Aspen Way, Malpas Park, Newport, South Wales.  NP20 6LB  Tel 01633
858359  email    29/30 May 2011
Transcribed for Carol King.  145 Royal George Rd, Burgess Hill, West Sussex.  RH15 9TD