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Will of Alice Chaloner 1521


Name Place Date
Date Proved Ref. Main People Identified Fam Grp
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Alice Chaloner (widow) Lindfield, Sx 03/07/1521 05/12/1521 PCC Prob 11/20/261 Son: Thomas Chaloner (Executor), Nicholas Chaloner (younger)
Daughters: Johan Lewkenor (& her daughter Johan), Benett More (& her husband-unnamed)
Others: Jane Voyce, Benet Chaloner,
Witnesses: Sir John Horsey, Curate;  Willm Nasshe, Sir Willm Voyce
Properties: le Broke , le Fount

The following is a transcription of the will provided from the SFHG library - made by Dave Woolven May 2011
(Note: I have inserted some line breaks to aide readability)

In the name of God Amen the iii daie of July in the yere of our Lorde God m vc xxi I Alice Chaloner of Lyndfelde in my pure wedowhode hoole of mynde and remebrannce being make this and ordeyn my present testament and last will in man and forme folowing that is to saie. 
Firste I bequeith my soule to Allmighti God my maker and Redemer to his mother our blessid Lady Seynt Mary the Holy Vurgyn and to all the saynts of heven my body to be buried in the yele of Seynt John wtin the church of Lyndfelde aforesaid by my husbonde.  Also I bequeth to every light wtin the said church vid.  Itm I will that the be a trentall of massis song and said within the said church at my burying if ther … so many prestis be …. …. to be fulfillid wtin the monethis daie every preste havyng for his labour viiid.  Also I bequeith …. for two trentallis of massas the on to be songe among the friers of the house of Lewit the other among the friers of Mittondey wtin the moneth also to be performed myn executour beside keping honestly my …. and twelve moneth daie wtin the parishe church of Lyndfeld. 
Itm I bequeith to Benett More my gowne furryd wt shank and a kowe and her husbonde my other kowe. 
Itm to Jane Voyce my gowne furrid wt … and iii kowe. 
Itm to Benet Chaloner my gowne of London velvet and a gowne furrid wt whight and my chamlet kirtall and all my n… velvet boneth wt the … and iiii pair of shetis. 
Itm to my sonne Nicholas Chaloner a fether bed wt all that belongeth thereto. 
Itm to Johan Lewkenor a maser gilt so that after hir decesse she leve it to hir daughter Johan. 
The residue of all and singular my goodis moveable and unmoveable not given or bequethed this my present testament and last will ps…ly fullfillid I give and bequeth unto my sonne Thomas Chaloner whom I ordeyne and constitute in and upon this my laste will and testament sole executour wreten the daie and yere above rehersed. 
Witnessing theis parsons folowing Sir John Horsey, Curate;  Willm Nasshe, Sir Willm Voyce wt many other. 
Itm to Johan Lewknor and Johan her doughter every of them a kowe.

Item this is the last will of me the afore named Alice Chaloner the daie and yere  …… to the disposicion of all and singular my londis and tenements wt ther apputenenanncs that I have lying and being wtin the Shire of Kent I will that my feoffes shall immediately from and after my decease be feoffed in all and singular my londis that I have or may have by heritage wtin the saide Shire of Kent only to the use of my sone Thomas Chaloner and his heirs of his body laufully begoten so that he paie or cause to be paide to his yonger brother Nicholas Chaloner when he comith to xxiii yeres of age xxl of laufull money of Englonde. 
And if it hapon the saide Nicholas to die within the age afore rehersede then I will that with the said money hired a honeste preste to sung for my soule my frendis soules and all Crisen soulis within the parishe of Lyndfelde as longe as the money will indure. 
Also I will theis parcels of londis the londe callid le Broke and the londe callid ….. and the londe callid le Fount be equally devided betwene my ii doughters Johan Lewknor and Benet a More

This Will was proved at Lambeth 5 Dec 1521  by Thomas Chaloner the executor  &c

Transcribed from a downloaded copy by Dave Woolven, 2 Aspen Way, Malpas Park, Newport, South Wales.  NP20 6LB  Tel 01633 858359  email     30 May 2011
Transcribed for Carol King.  145 Royal George Rd, Burgess Hill, West Sussex.  RH15 9TD