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Will of Joseph Browne 1633


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Joseph Rusper 18/07/1633   Chichester STCI/18 278 Daughter: Susan Leachford wife of Thomas (& her daughter Phebe), Sara Fenner wife of Arthur, Phebe Simons wife of William
Son: William (executor) and his wife Jane (& their sons John, Thomas & Henry)
Daughter in law: Elizabeth,
Others: Mary Fowler (maid), Robert Matthew, Eleanor Evershed (maid), Joseph Bristowe
Oversears: Benjamin Browne & Arthur Fenner
BrW1534 Transcript

The following is a transcription of the will made by Adrian Channing:

In the name of God amen the eighteenth day of July [?] in the year of our Lord God one thousand six hundred and three and thirty and in the ninth years of the reign of our said _____ Lord Charles by the grace of God of England Scotland _____ and Ireland king defender of the faith __ I Joseph Browne clerke parson of Rusper in the County of Sussex and diocess of Chichester being of perfect mynde and memory I thank god for it I ordain and make this my last will and testament? in manner and form following first I recommend my soule unto the hands of almighty god my saviour and Redeemer And my bodie to the earth to be buryed in the church yard of Rusper or where else it shall please Almighty god.
Then I give to 40 poore of the parish of Rusper Ten shillings to be distributed at the discretion of myn executor hereundernamed
Then I give to the use of the poor there to put into the chest for the poor three shillisngs foure pence
Then my will is that my mayde Mary ffowler shall have in respect of her faithfull service as I shall have ____ to ____ to her only use and to the use of her assignees free without[?] paying anything therefore an hye[?] chamber in the southend of my house wherein Robert Mathew dwelleth in Rusper aforsaid during her natural life with free liberty of ing\res___________an/d regress to and from the said chamber with liberty to make fire for her use either in the hall with them that dwell there or else against the stocke where the oven is and to use the oven when the dwellers in the house doe not use it
And my will is further that the bedsteddle that standith in the chamber over the millhouse wherein my men persanly use ________\_________ ____ ___/ at ___ chamber for her use and remains there after her decease as a standard to the said __ I will also that she shall have a little garden plott on the Southend of the sayd house for ______ and to set and sew beans
Then I will that she shall have one annuity or yearly rent of Twenty Shillings a yeare issuing and going out of the rent of the said house and land wood in the occupation of the said Robert Mathew to have hold levie and wreive[?] the same yearly and every year during her naturall life at four terms at feasts of the year ___ usuall viz the feast of St Michael archangell the birth of our Lord God The _iuciation[?] of St Mary the blessed virgin and the feast of St John the Baptist by equal portions yearely to be payd the fist payment thereof to begin at that feast of the feast above said which shall next happen after my decease
Then I give more unto the said Mary ffowler my best flock bed save one a flock boalster a resonable good coverlett two blankets and a pair of good towen[?] sheets
Then I give unto my mayd servant Elinor Evershed twenty shillings
Item I give unto Joseph Bristowe twenty shillings and to Arthur ffenner tenn shillings and the chest in my study
Item I give unto my daughter in law Elizabeth old[?] fforty shillings to be payd unto her within a year next after my decease and I f\orgive her the one/ pound she borrowed of me
Item I give unto Phebe Leachford the daughter of my daughter Susan ffive pounds to be payd unto her ffather and mother to her use within one year next after my decease
Item I give unto my son William Browne my best table cloth
Item I give unto his son John Browne my wyned table in the parlour and all the \__/nd worbe there and in the chamber \_____ _______________/ of his ffather and __ \_____/ give unto all and every one of my grand children not before named tenn shillings a peice to be payd unto the hands of their ffather and mother to their use within one year next after my decease
Item I give unto my daughter Sara the wife of Arthur ffenner gent tenn pounds and half a quarter of wheate and the little brass pan which I bought of her
Item I give unto my daughter Susan the wife of Thomas Leachford tenn pounds and a little brass pott
Item I give unto my daughter Phebe the wife of William Simons tenn pounds and half a quarter of wheate
Item I give unto _______ according to my promise to her my best feather bed save one a feather boulster the next to the best my best coverlett and two blanketts
Item I give unto my said three daughters Sara Susan and Phebe all my linnen not before given and half all my pewter
Item my will is that myne executor shall presently after my decease dwell by the chamber above granted to Mary ffowler healling and walling it well
Item I give unto my son William and to Jane his wife my house barne and land in Rusper above said above named for and during their naturall lives and the naturall life of the longer lives of them and after their decease I will and bequeathe the same to their two sons Thomas Browne and Henry Browne and their heires forever to the onely[?] use of the said Thomas and Henry their heirs assignes fore ever
All the residue of my goods not before given my debts paid my legacies performed and my body honestly buried I give and bequest to the above named William Browne my sonn whome I make full and whole executor of this my last will and testament and I do ordaine and appoynt Oversers of this my last will and testament Benjamin Browne of Ifeild my brother and Arthur ffenner gent my son in law and I doe give to each of them for their paynes tenn shillings and I doe hereby revoke all former wills by me made aknowledging this to be my very true and last will __ witnes whereof I have written it with myne own hand and sett thereto my name and seal Joseph Browne

Probate to William Browne


Adrian's annotations of the Will are

"_____" = words I have not been able to transcribe,
"\________/" text obliterated by ink from opposite page, text therein is my guess of the missing word(s), "?" words I am not entirely sure off. 

The will was transcribed by Adrian Channing. It can be found in the Archives of the Archiver > GEN-MEDIEVAL > 2001-11 > emailing list at RootsWeb with additional information supporting its verification. Adrian <AChanning@Compuserve.Com>