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Will of John Brown 1546


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John Brown West Hoathly 30/04/1546 1546 LEWES A1.P143 Wife Joan;
Sons: Thomas (executor), Andrew, Nicholas, Richard, Henry (under 19), William (under 20);
Daughters: Katherine, Margaret, Jone (all unmarried)
Witnesses: John Bryan, Walter Feldwyke & Thomas Wyllard
JBr1490 Transcript


The following is a transcription of the will made by Adrian Channing:
(Note: I have inserted some line breaks to aide readability)

In the name of god ame[n] [the] last day of Apreell 1546 in the 38 yere of the Reaygn of o[u]r sov[ereign] lord henry the viii by the grace & c I John Browne of Westhothle in the Count[y] of Sussex beyng seke of body & hole of mynd & good reme[m]brance thanks be to god do make & orden my pr[e]sent test[ament] first I bequeth my sole to almyghte god & to o[u]r blessed lady St Mary & all the holy co[m]pany of hevyn & my body to be buried in the church yerd of Westhothle It[em] I bequeth to the hye altar there iiij d It' I bequeth to o[u]r mother church of Chichester ij d It' I will have at my buryeng iij mass[e]s w't bread & drynke for poore people
It' I bequeath to have at lyke wyse at my mo[n]ths day and twelvemo[n]ths day iij mass[e]s & bread & drynke for poore people
It' I bequeth to Nicholas my son the stocke in Thom[a]s Haukyns [ot Hankyns] hands of Fletching w't the Newtyie Itm' I wyll to the same Nicholas v marks w't in one yere after the decease of Jone my wiff
t' I bequeth to Ric' my son v l' w'tin one year aft[e]r the decease of Jone my wiff
It' I bequeth to herry my son xl s to be paid when he is xix years old if he fayle before he is xix yers old to remayne to the exec'
It' I bequeth to Will'm my son iiii marks to be paid to hym at the age of xx [sic] yers old if the said Will'm fayls before he is xx yers old to remayne to the exec'
It' I bequeth to Katheryn my dowght[er] v marks to be paid to her mariage
It' I bequeth to Margaret my dowght[er] v marks to be paid to her mariage It'[em] I bequeth to Jone my dowght[er] v marks to be paid to her mariage & if any of these my dowghters happen to fayle before they mary that then there porcions to remayne w't the exec' to dispose it at their pleasure
It' I will to Jone my wiff her chamber & the hole howsehold stoff at her pleasure to dispose it The resydew of my goods unbequethed my detts paid the & my will fulfilled I give to Jone my wiff & Thom[a]s my son whom I orden & make my lawfull exec'
It' I will & bequeth my farme that is to say my lease in the p[ar]sonage to Jone my wiff & Thom[a]s my son, if it happen that Jone my wiff doo dye before the lease shall be endyd then I gyve & bequeth the resydew of the yers of her p[ar]te to Andrew my son
witnesse hereunto John bryan Walter feldwyke & Thom[a]s Wyllard w' other & the said John browne dyd write the wyll & s[u]bscribed his name


The 'Will' was transcribed by Adrian Channing & Paul Reed. It can be found in the Archives of the Archiver > GEN-MEDIEVAL > 2002-12 > 1039182390 emailing list at RootsWeb with additional information supporting its verification.


The following is a copy of the original 'Will' from the Lewes Will Microfilm