Peter Brown Family History

Will of Henry Browne 1565


Name Place Date
Date Proved Ref. Main People Identified Fam Grp
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Henry Brown Warbleton, Sx 11/04/1565 30/06/1565 LEWES A5.P244 Wife: Thomesyne
Daughter: Susan (under 20)
Sons: James (Jamys), Richard, William
Overseers: John Pettytt, John Garland.
Witnesses:Thomas Darby. Thomas Chattfyld the younger. John Garland, John Farmour parson of Warbleton
Properties: Collyns; Woodwools within the parish of Heathfield ; Homewodes and Lockwoddes in Warbleton
BrH1510 Transcript

The following is a transcription of the will provided from the SFHG library

In the name of god amen, the eleventh day of April in the year of our lord god 1565 and in the seventh year of the reign of our sovereign lady Elizabeth by the grace of god queen of England France and Ireland Defender of the Faith and etc.  I Henry Browne of Warbleton in the county of Sussex and diocese of  Chichester yeoman being sick and weak in body but of good memory and perfect remembrance praise be to Almighty God I do declare ordain and make these words following to be my testament containing therein my last will revoking and making all . . . and void all • . .will and testament whatsoever I have declared before the date of this.
First and before all other things I commit my soul unto Almighty God and to his mercy trusting without any doubt or mistrust through and by his grace and the merit of Jesus Christ his son our Saviour and by the worthiness of his passion and of his resurrection I have and shall have remission of my sins and resurrection of body and soul unto eternal life. As for my body I will it to the earth to be Christianly buried at the discretion of my executors.
Concerning the distribution of my worldly and temporal goods my purpose is by the grace of god to bestow them as the fruit of faith in manner and form following.
To the poor 10s.
To Thomesyne my wife one pair best sheets at her choosing.
To Jamys BROWNE my son a featherbed and all things belonging a pair of sheets two pewter platters two pewter dishes one brass kettle.
To Susan BROWNE my daughter £20 of usual money of England at her day of marriage or twenty years.   Richard BROWNE my son shall pay unto her aforesaid to discharge my other executor the remaining moveable goods toward the same.
To Thomesyne my wife and Richard BROWN& my son the lease of the mill which I have freehold of the demesne and or grant of the right honourable …... lord Dacre for term of years yet to come the profit whereof I will that they shall equally share ……. divide between them provided always that …... my wife do marry before the years or the same be expired that then my wife she shall not receive any more profit of the moiety of the said mill but that it shall remain unto Richard my son and to his assigns.
Residue of goods cattels credits and debts to Thomesyne my wife and to Richard BROWNE my son equally by my overseers.
Supervisors and overseers John PETTYTT, John GARLAND .,,,. concerning of all my houses lands tenements rents ……. and other hereditaments here named.
To James BROWNE my son his heirs and assigns the tenement land and appurtenances called Collyns lately bought of Thomas SHEFYLD and Johane his wife to have my profit of the said tenement and lands.
To Richard BROWNE my son the yearly profit of the same of current money of England towards performance and payment of the legacies unto Susan my daughter.
To William BROWNE my son the houses tenements lands etc, within the parish of Heathfield called Woodwools which lately I bought of John GARLAND.
To my wife ……. out of my aforesaid lands and tenements. To Jamys my son …….
To Thomesyn my wife all the moiety of all my house land and tenements in Warbleton, Homewodes and Lockwoddes for the term of her natural life;  if she marry again only the dowry.
In the presence of Thomas DARBY gent. Thomas CHATTFYLD the younger. John GARLAND of ... John FARMOUR parson of Warbleton the writer hereof with others.

Probate 30 June 1565.  Testator was buried 27 April 1565.