Peter Brown Family History

Will of George Browne 1614


Name Place Date
Date Proved Ref. Main People Identified Fam Grp
Transcript or Copy: readability
George Browne West Hoathly 17/02/1614
(Note: 'Will' shows 1613)
09/05/1614 PCC Prob 11/123/554 Wife: Sara
Son: Nathaniel
Brothers: John, Thomas Edward
Sisters: Bridget Watson, Johan Marten, unnamed Velvick
Nephews: Johnathan Watson, Frances Velvick (children of Bridget), Elizabeth Eason and Darkis (Dorcas) Marten (children of Johan), unnamed children of sister Velvick
God sons: John Browne son of bother John, George son of Enoch,
Others: George Paine, Henry Brown,
Overseers: Richard Infield, William Velvick (brother!)
Witnesses Edward Baldwyn, Abel Browne
BrT1516 Transcript


The following is a transcription of the will provided to me and made by Jane Wicks:
(Note: I have inserted some line breaks to aide readability)

In the name of god the seavententh day of February 1613/ I George Browne of Westhothly in the county of Sussex yeoman sick in body but perfect of remembrance praysed be god doe make and declare this my last will and testament in manner and forme following that is to sey first and before all other things I bequeath my soule to almighty god my maker trusting thorrough the merritts of Jesus Christ my saviour to be a partaker of life everlasting
Item I give to the poore of the parish of Westhothly aforesayd tenn shillings of laufull mony of England to be bestowed in the day of my buriall in meate drink or mony at the discretion of my executors and overseers hereafter named
also I give to my godsones John Browne sone of my brother John and to George Browne sone of Enock Browne fyve shillings a pece
Item I give unto Sara my wief the bedstedel fetherbed, boulster coverlet, blanket covers, and other furniyture thereto belonging as I now lye in ther found in the chamber over the hall of my dwelling house and one chest and six paire of sheets all her own wearing lynnen and apparrell and such chests and boxes and trunks as she had at the tyme of her mariag with me 
Also I give more to my sayd wyef, the some of twenty pounds of lawfull mony of England to be payd unto her within one yere next after my decease
also I give unto my sayd wief the use of the third part of my dwelling house to have and to hold to hir durring hir wydowhood with free ingresse egresse and regresse to and from the same at all tymes durring my wief’s wydowhood only for her own dwelling which third part I will to Nathanyell my sonne after my wyef’s mariag or death all legacies and bequests I doe the more frely and willingly  bequeath and dispose of to my sayd wyef to the ends  that she shall take the more care in bringing up my sonne Nathanyell Browne during his mynority.
Also I give and bequeath to Nathayell my sonne all such part, parsarle and porcion of all the parsonage tythes which I have and joyntly hold with Thomas and Edward Browne my brothers by my father’s will lying and being in Westhothly aforesayd to have and to hold to the sayd Nathanyell my sonne and to his heirs forever and all of my part and porcion of goods and stock, household and whatsoever els in joynt occupying between me and my sayd brothers Thomas and Edward both which they my sayd brothers have promissed faithfully to perform and assure to my sayd sonne Nathanyell as shalbe convenyent for him. And my desire is that my sayd wief shall find the bringing up of my sayd sonne untill he shall be of the age of fifteen yeres if my overseers hereafter named shall think meete and she to have such reasonable allowance towards his bringing up yerely out of such part of the tythes and stocke belonging to me as in the disrescretion of my sayd overseers shalbe thought fitt and after my said sonne shall accomplish the age of XV yeres my desire is that my sayd overseers doe take order for his being put to schole and all other meete education for him untill he shall accomplish the age of one and twenty yeres in the meane tyme my will and mynd is that my overseers shall receyve, take and dispose of all and every thing ____ of parsonage tythes and goods as otherwise appertayning to or hereby ment to my sayd sonne. Provided that if my sayd brothers Thomas and Edward shall yerely pay unto my sayd oversers at the feast of Christmas a third part of the profitts that shall rise, happen to arise or be made of all the parsonage tythes which they and I have by the will of my father, that they my sayd overseers not to medle with any part of the tythes belonging to me or my sonne Nathanyell.
Also I give to Johnathan Watson my sister’s sonne, Frances Velvick my sayd sister’s daughter, Elizabeth Eason and Darkis (Dorcas) Marten my sister Johan’s daughters to every of them XXs a peece within one yere after my decease.
Also I give and bequeath to my sayd brothers Thomas and Edward Brown and to ther heirs all the state(?) rights, title, interest, condition and demand which I have in and to certain lands, tenements, and hereditaments called Bastions _____ or otherwyse called, lying and being in Westhothly aforesayd by vertue(?) of one deed or feoffment thereof to me made by one George Paine. Item my mynd ys that yf my sonne Nathanyell happen to dye before he shalbe of the age of one and twenty yeres that then I will give and devyse all such part and benefit as is hereby ment to belonge and geven to the sayd Nathayell, shall goe and remain to my sayd brothers Thomas and Edward. And whereas I am possessed of a lease of the tenements and lands with th’appurtances wherein I nowe dwell for the term of fower thowsand yeres by the grants of one Henry Brown, my will and meaning ys that a third part thereof shall goe, remain and be to the use of Nathanyell my sonne his executors and assignes, (as before ys remembred) and the other two parts thereof I give and devyse to my sayd two brothers, Thomas and Edward Browne ther executors and assignes.
Also I give to my two sisters Johan Marten and Briget Watson to eyther of them twenty shilligs a peece. Also I give to the sayd Nathanyell my sonne all my goods and ymplements of household which I have of my owne, wherein my sayd brothers have noe part nor interest.
Also I give to every of my sister Velvicks children five shillings a peece.
All the resydewe of my goods and chattells, not before geven or bequeathed my debts and legacies in this my last will and my funerall expences dyscharged, I give and bequeath to the sayd Thomas Brown and Edward Brown my brothers whom I make joynt executors thereof on condicion that the sayd Thomas Brown and Edward Brown doe within six monethes next after my decease assure unto my sayd sonne Nathanyell and to the heirs males of his body lawfully begotten part of the parsonage tythes in westhothly aforesayd which they together with me doe hold of the gyft and devyse of my father Thomas Brown, so deceased, by his last will and testement by such reasonable and convenience and assurance as by my overseers shalbe thought meete and yf they, my sayd brothers shall not convey and assure the same tythes accordingly then I will all interest in the lands called Bastions and other the ___ aforemencioned, which I have of George Pain and all the two parts of the tenements where in I nowe dwell above descrybed to them, to the sayd Nathanyell my sonne and his heirs forever.
Also I doe appoint my very loving frendes Richard Infeld, gent and my brother William Velvick overseers of ths my last will, to whom I gyve for ther paynes therein to be taken above ther expences tenn shillings a peece. In witnes(?) whereof I have here unto to each leafe hereof set my hand and seal the day and yere first above written. George Browne.
Read sealed publysshed and delyvered in the presence of Edward Baldwyn, Abell Browne


The following is a copy of the original 'Will' I obtained from the Lewes Will Microfilm