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Will of Enoch Browne 1607


Name Place Date
Date Proved Ref. Main People Identified Fam Grp
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Enoch West Hoathly, Sx 09/04/1607 28/05/1614 LEWES A14.P231 Wife: Eleanor (or Elinor)- executor
Sons: Enoch, Andrew
Daughters: Hanna, Anna
Brother in law: Thomas Scrase
Brother: Andrew
Witnesses: George Browne, Thomas Scrase and Richard Scrase
Properties mentioned: "Garden Fields"
EBr1560 Transcript



The following is a transcription of the will provided to me and made by John F Howes Feb 2012:
(Note: I have inserted some line breaks to aide readability)

In the name of God amen the nynth day of Aprill one thousand six hundred and seaven in the fifth year of the raigne of our soveraigne Lord James by the grace of God of England, Scotland, France and Ireland kinge, defender of the faith and ch  I Enoch browne of West Hothely in the County of Sussex yeoman being sicke in body but of good perfect remembrance thanks be to god therefore doe make, constitute and ordayne this my last will and testament in manner and forme following. First I will and bequeath my soule to Almighty God my creator hoping assuredly in and through the merritt of Christs death passion my savior and redeemer for the full foregiveness of all my sinnes and for life everlasting at the generall resurrection and my body to be buryed in the church yard of West Hothely aforesaid in such decent manner to which myne executrix shall seeme most convenient.
Item I will and bequeath to Enoch my sonne one table, one forke, one iron plate, two brandirons two benches, one payre of pothooks being in the hall and the paynted clothes there and the paynted clothes in the parlor after the decease of Elinor my wife to remayne as standing to his use.
The rest of all my goodes and chattels whatsoever not bequeathed I give unto Elinor my wife whom I make sole and full executrix of this my last will and testament. This is the very will and mynde of mee the aforesaid Enoch Browne touching my moveable goods concerning the disposition of my lands and tenements, I give unto Elinor my wife my now dwelling hereto with the two pendents thereunto belonging and all such lands as I have adioyning unto my sayd house at the backside during her naturall life conditionally that she not (too faint to read) nor have any thirds out of that parcel of lands called the Garden fielde. And after her decease my very will and mynde is that this my sayd tenement with the pendents and the backside aforesaid shall remayne to Enoch Browne my sonne and to his heyres for ever.
Item I further give unto Enoch Browne my sonne and his heyres for ever the Garden Field aforesaid conditionally that he shall pay unto Andrew browne my sonne within one whole year after my decease the sommme of thirtenn pounds of good and lawfull money of England and unto Hanan my daughter the somme of six pounds thirteen s  and four pence within one whole year after my decease likewise of good and lawfull money of England.
And unto Anne my daughter  the somme of six pounds thirteen s  and four pence within one whole year after my decease likewise of good and lawfull money of England, there severall sommes of money to be payed within the ------- of West Hothely aforesaid. And if it fortunes that my sayd children do decease before the tymes aforesaid being accomplished that then thereof part or parts of such sommes of money bee given by mee shall remayne with Enoch my sonne. And my mymde and will is that if Enoch my sonne do not paye unto his brothers and sisters there severall sommes of money aforesaid at the tymes aforesaid or before that then the sayd Andrew Browne, Hanan, Anna or as many of them as bee alive shall enter into the sayd garden field and then I doe will it unto them and to their heyres for ever any thing within my will heretofore expressed to the contrary not withstanding.
And I appoint as overseers my loving brother Andrew Browne and my loving brother-in-law Thomas Scrase in witness of all and singular the promises I the aforesaid Enoch Browne to my last will and testament have sett my hand and seale unto the daye and year above written

- Enoch Browne- sealed and signed in the presence of George Browne, Thomas Scrase and Richard Scrase,

Probate in Latin to Elinor Browne

NOTE: a pendent or pendant was a wooded slope


The following is a copy of the original 'Will' I obtained from the Lewes Will Microfilm