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Will of Benjamin Browne 1638


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Benjamin Brown Ifield, Sx 21/02/1638

(Note: 'Will' shows 1637)

04/09/1638 LEWES A25.P143 Wife: Sara (executor)
Sons: Benjamin (executor), William, Barnabus (& his wife Anne), Thomas, John
Daughters: Sara (& husband Pardon Tillingharst), Mary, Elizabeth
Granddaughter: Susanna (dau of William)
Grandson: Peter (son of John), Benjamin (son of William)
Grandmother: Elphick
Overseers: Pardon Tillingast of Bishopston (my sonne in lawe) & my loving kinseman Mr Willam Browne of Rusper
BrW1534 Transcript


The following is a transcription of the will provided to me and made by Jane Wicks:
(Note: I have inserted some line breaks to aide readability)


                                                                                      21st February 1637
In the name of God Amen, I Benjamin Browne of Ifield in the county of Sussex, clerke, weak of body but of good memory (blessed bee my God) doe make and ordayne my last will and testament in manner and form following
First I bequeath my soule unto Almighty God and my body to bee buried in the churchyard of Ifield or else where it shall please the Lord
Item I give unto the poor of the parish of Ifield ten shillings to bee payed them by myne Executors within one moneth after my decease
Item I give unto my sonne William Browne XXli
Item I give unto Barnabus Browne my sonne the tenement and orchard garden and all crofte of land called Swifts with all and singular the appurtances to him and to his heyres forever onely reserving to mee and unto Sara my loving wife the yearely rent of Xiij s iiijd a yeare during our natural lives as the conveyance thereof ___ ___ to him the said Barnabus and unto Anne his loving wife more at large it doth and may appeare
Item I give unto Sara Tillinghast my daughter XXs and unto every one of her children five shillings A peece to buy each of them an ewe lambe so that theire loving father Pardon Tillinghast wilbee pleased to see them kept and preserved for them together with theire increase until the children come to yeares of discretion to keepe them or to put them forth to keeping
Item I give unto Thomas Browne my sonne thirty pounds of currant Englishe money to bee payed him when hee setts upp his trade
Item my will and true meaning is that my sonne John Browne shalbee payed the ten pounds which is due to him from mee by vertue of a bond
Item I give unto Peter Browne his sonne Vs
Item I give unto Benjamin Browne my sonne the great brass pott which was my grandmother Elficks pott
Item I give unto Benjamin Browne my sonne Williams sonne Xs to buy him two ewe lambes to bee preserved for him with theire increase till hee comes to yeares of discretion to looke to them himself
Item I give to his daughter Susanna Browne my grand daughter Vs to buy her an ewe lambe to bee kept as the other two by her father till shee come to discretion to provide for its keeping
Item I give unto Mary Browne my daughter fifty pounds of currant Englishe money
Item I give unto Elizabeth Browne my daughter thirty pounds of currant Englishe money
Item I give unto Benjamin Browne my sonne the tenements, house, barn, orchard, garden and lands thereunto belonging with th’appurtances called Russells I give it to him and to his heyres forever uppon condition that hee doe pay or cause to bee payed all the legacyes and portions bequeathed to my children and grand children in this my last will
All the residue of my goods, cattells, chattells and utensills whatsoever before not given I give and bequeath unto Sara Browne my loving wife and to Benjamine Browne my sonne whome I make joynt Executors of this my last will and I doe hereby revoke all former wills.
Overseers I doe intreate my loving kinseman Mr Willam Browne of Rusper and Pardon Tillinghast of Bishopston my sonne in lawe in whome I doe repose my trust to see this my last will duely and truely to bee performed
In witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seale the day and yeare first above written – Benjamin Browne

Proved 4th September 1638 on the oaths of Benjamin Browne, son and Sara Browne, relict, Executors


The following is a copy of the original 'Will' I obtained from the Lewes Will Microfilm