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Will of Andrew Browne 1595


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Andrew Browne West Hoathly 16/10/1595 02/04/1597 LEWES A10.P140 Wife: Agnes (executor)
Sons: Andrew, Enoch, John, Joshua,
Daughters: Rose, Mary, Jane, Julian, Agnes, Martha
Late brother Thomas
Witness: Thomas Browne, Benjamin Browne
JBr1490 Transcript


The following is a transcription of the will provided from the SFHG library - Transcribed by Rosie Ansell February 2009
(Note: I have inserted some line breaks to aide readability)

In the name of God Amen The sixteenth daye of October on Thousand five hundred ninety five I Andrewe Browne of Westhothly in the County of Sussex and in the Diocese of Chichester being in good and perfect health both of body and also of mynd I prayse my god most hartyly for it doe ordayne and make my last Will and Testament in manner and forme following  First I commend my soule and body and all the powers and facultyes of them both unto the hande of Almighty God my mercifull father and unto Jesus Christ my Saviour and Redeemer and unto the holy ghost my sanctifier and my body to bee buried where it shall please god in assured fayth as the forgiveness of all my sinnes through the onely meritorious death and bloodshedding of Jesus Christe according to the free mercy and most gratious promise of our eternall god and in hope of the resurrection of this my body to eternall lyfe through Jesus Christ our Saviour and Redeemer believing that the same holy spirit which hath raysed our Lord Jesus from death shall quicken and rayse this my mortall body according as the holy scripture testifieth  
And as for the disposition of the small portion of the goods lands and tenements which the lord hath lent me  
Imprimis I also give to Agnes my wife all my houses lands and tenements during her naturall life 
Item I give unto Andrewe my sonne all that which was my Kitchin and the ground from the Southest Corner of the same square downeward toward the South six and Twenty foote of grounde and from thence eastward square to the hedge between the lower pendent and the upper pendent  And also to east free liberty to goe and come to fetch water at the pendant well and the Bowfeilde pounde and there to washe for their necessity and to carry and recarry woode through the close for his and their necessity paying to my sonne Enoch sixteen pence A yeare at two usuall termes of the yeare  That is to say at the feaste of St Michaell eight pence and at the feaste of our blessed lady the Virgin eight pence  All the which as is abovesayd reserving the rents as is abovesayd  
I give to Andrewe my sonne and to his heyres and Assignes during the tyme of nyne hundred yeares 
Item I doe give unto the sayd Andrewe and his Assignes all that my lease of the parsonage hill which I bought late tooke of my Brother Thomas paiying the rent therein expressed and Covenanted 
Item my will and mynde is that my sonne Andrewe shall have A way from the upper pendent to the parsonage hill during that lease to leade or drive horse or any Cattell to the same 
Also yt is my will that my sonne Andrewe shall have one of my shoppes at my streete dore which my sonne Enoch shall thinke best …. ….. his naturall life the sayd Andrewe paying for the same unto my sayd sonne Enoch six pence A yeare and yf yt so fall out That my sonne Andrewe goe to dwell at some other place Then it is my will That Enoch shall have the sayd shoppe in his owne handes until such tyme as the sayd Andrewe my sonne shall repayre to dwell at the same agayne  And then to enioye yt agayne as is aforesaid  And further that my sonne Andrewe shall have free liberty to goe and come unto the sayd shoppe 
Item I will to Enoch my sonne after myne and my wyves decease and to his heyres all that my lands and tenements with all Tythes and all the appurtenances thereunto beelonging saving that which is before given to my sonne John and my sonne Andrewe and Conveyed to him his heyres and assignes for evermore under this condicon that my sonne Enoch shall paye unto my sonn Joshua sixtenn pounds of lawfull money of England And unto my daughter Rose Tenn pounds of good and lawfull money of England  And to bee payd unto them within foure yeare after myne and my wyves decease  And yf yt so come to pass That my sonne Enoch or his heyres shall refuse to paye the same sixteene pounds to my sonne Joshua or the sayd Tenn pounds to my daughter Rose Then yt is my Will that my sonne Joshua and my daughter Rose shall have the letting and setting of all my lands and tenements having the aforesayd gifts to Andrewe my sonne and to take upp the rents untill they bee fully satisfied and payd the somes above given 
Item I give unto Joshua my sonne foure pounds of good and lawfull money of England 
All the residue of my goods my debts payd my legacyes fulfilled my body honestly buried I give to Agnes my wife whome I make my sole and whole Executrix of this my last Will and Testament 
In Witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seale By me Andrewe Browne 
I give unto my sonne John one blanket and to Mary my daughter one of my best coverletts and to my daughter Jane one sheete And Julian Agnes and Martha each of them one table napkin  By me Andrewe Browne 
Item I give to my sayd sonne Andrewe and Joshua all my goods after myne and my wyves decease reserving the plate in the hall the table the forme and the benches thereunto beelonging as usuall stands 
Witnesses to this Will are Beniamin Browne  Thomas Browne

Probatum fuit huius testamentum coram mag[ist]ro Johanne Motlay Cliro Artin mag[ist]ro Surrogato etc secundo die Aprilis Anno Domini millesimo quingentesimo nonagesimo septimo commissa fuit Administracio Agnesi relicte defuncti et executrici etc In persona Thomas ….. .curatoris etc jurato


The following is a copy of the original 'Will' I obtained from the Lewes Will Microfilm