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Will of Thomas Bones 1842


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Thomas Bones Mayfield 03/08/1842 25/05/1843   Brother Michael and sons William & James
Brother James (deceased)
BoJ1735 Abstract

The following is an abstract of the will provided from the SFHG library - SXFG People Index Entry ref :  13313

Thos. Bones, -1843, husbandman, of Mayfield, East Sussex - Will abst. in
3rd Aug. 1842 : 25th May 1843 - £300
Brother - Michael Bones
Nephew - William Bones (son of B. Michael Bones) exec.
Nephew - James Bones (son of B. Michael Bones)
James Thomsett of May(field), yeo. (exec.)
Brother - James Bones, decd., his widow
Wit: Thomas King, servant to Mr. Thomsett; Benj. Buss, Mayfield, attourney