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Wills of Browne's (j-q)


The 'Wills' are of five types. a) Transcripts, b) Abstracts, c) Copies from Microfilm, d) Seen 'Will' microfilm and extracted base information, e) 'Will' listed in an index and not seen or is unreadable.

A lot of 'Wills' do NOT have a transcript but over time hopefully this situation will be improved. Wherever possible I try to show an original copy of the Will' with a transcript. This then enables any later queries to be resolved. NOTE: If anyone reading this page has a Transcript or a good copy of any of the 'Wills' mentioned then I would be very thankful for a copy.

'Wills' have been cross referenced to/from Family Group pages in this site (but in a few cases the link has yet to be established). Where a link is shown under Copy/Transcript, then either a Transcription (or Abstract) of the Will is provided if available or a photocopy from the microfilm.


These are in alphabetic forename/date order. For shortcut click on appropriate first letter of the forename (if forename letter not shown then no Will details are held). buttons can be used to navigate to next or previous page.


Name Place Date
Date Proved Ref. Main People Identified Fam Grp
Transcript or Copy: readability
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James Brown Buxted, Sx   18/06/1662 PCC Prob 11/308/318      
James Brown Westerham, Knt   24/07/1747 PCC Prob 11/755/236      
James Brown Rotherfield, Sx 10/04/1817 08/05/1818 LEWES A73.P151 Wife: Charlotte  
James Brown Ditchling, Sx   1834 LEWES A78.P482      
Jane Brown (widow) Ditchling, Sx 11/03/1696 (Note: 'Will' shows 1695) 1696 LEWES A42.P154 Cousin: Nathanial Browne of West Hoathly
Others: Mary Marchant, Edward Kakerden!!, wife of Samuel Mason
Kinsman: John Browne


Jane Brown (widow Slinfold,Sx   08/06/1714 PCC Prob 11/540/207      
John Brown Wadhurst, Sx   22/11/1487 PCC Prob 11/8/80      
John Brown Westerham, Kent 07/04/1540 06/10/1540 Rochester Wife: Anne (executor) -(pregnant at date of will)
Son: William (under 21)
Daughters: Elizabeth, Alice, Agnes (all unmarried)
Godchildren: Richard Casingherst; William Garrard
Overseers: John Casingherst, Thomas Garrard
Witnesses: William Devenysshe (vicar of Westerham), John Casingherst, Thomas Garrard, Matthew Watson
BrC1490 Transcript
John Brown West Hoathly, Sx 30/04/1546   LEWES A1.P143 Wife Joan;
Sons: Thomas (executor), Andrew, Nicholas, Richard, Henry (under 19), William (under 20);
Daughters: Katherine, Margaret, Jone (all unmarried)
Witnesses: John Bryan, Walter Feldwyke & Thomas Wyllard
BrJ1490 Transcript


John Brown Dorking, Sy   22/04/1558 PCC Prob 11/40/192      
John Brown Maresfield, Sx   22/04/1560 LEWES A4.P368 Administration BrJ1500 unreadable- can't identify
John Brown (Broun) Shipley, Sx   1580 Chichester STC III/C/36 Administration    
John Browne West Hoathly, Sx 07/08/1608 12/11/1608 LEWES A12.P312 Wife: Mary (pregnant)
Daughters: Mary, Elizabeth (unmarried & under 21), Susan (unmarried & under 21)
Son: John, Thomas, Allen
Brother: Abell, George (both overseers)
Sister: Joan Martin
Brother in law: Robert Miles (overseer)
Other Andrew Brown
Witnesses: Allan Cader, John Newman and Robert Mills the elder.
BrJ1546 Transcript



John Brown Horsham, Sx   1616 Chichester South Dean 41      
John Brown   30/12/1619 03/02/1620 LEWES South Mailing D102      
John Brown Chailey, Sx 04/11/1620 13/01/1621 LEWES A17.P139 Sister: Mary
Brothers: Richard & Robert.
Also mentions: Robert Beard & children Robert & Dorothy. Thomas Beard & children Eilizabeth, John, Thomas & Samuel!
BrJ1500 Copy
John Brown East Grinstead, Sx   15/12/1628 LEWES B6.P17 Administration    
John Brown Mayfield, Sx 19/05/1639 12/10/1639 LEWES South Mailing F53      
John Brown Shipley, Sx   1641 Chichester STC III/H/168 Administration    
John Brown Charlwood, Sy   24/09/1653 PCC Prob 11/230/5      
John Brown Horne, Sy 14/04/1674 05/05/1674 LMA-DW/PC/ 05/1674/002 Wife: Margaret,
Sons: eldest son John, middle son William, youngest son Robert,
Daughters: eldest daughter Ann and youngest daughter Alice
BrR1597 Abstract


John Brown West Hoathly, Sx   15/08/1691 LEWES B11.P116 Administration BrJ1639  
John Brown Shipley, Sx 16/08/1715 19/05/1716 Chichester STC I/32/91 Daughter: Elizabeth
Son: John(executor)
Grandchildren: John (son of John), Mary (dau of John), Edmund, Frances,William, Katherine, Anne,
Witnesses: William Danell, Robt Cooper, William Banfield


John Brown Balcombe, Sx 06/06/1720 1723 LEWES A51.P213 Daughter Mary (Marchant) and her children William, Mary, Thomas, Elizabeth & Anne Marchant + her daughter Margaret Randall
Granddaughter Margaret Braine,
Son: John (executor) and his children  Mary, Elizabeth
John Brown East Grinstead, Sx 22/09/1720 1727 LEWES A52.P386 Wife: Jane
Daughter: Jane
Son: John (executor)
Grandson: John Faulconer
BrJ1558 Read-most
John Brown Burstow, Sy   27/11/1734 PCC Prob 11/668/32      
John Brown Westerham, Knt 1771 14/03/1772 PCC Prob 11/975/296   BrG1614 Copy
John Brown East Grinstead, Sx   17/01/1801 PCC Prob 11/1352/39      
John Brown Charlwood, Sy   12/06/1804 PCC Prob 11/1409/268      
John Brown (farmer) Westerham, Knt 1820 03/04/1821 PCC Prob 11/1641/329   BrG1614 Copy
John Brown (Widower) Horley, Sy   04/12/1856 PCC Prob 11/2242/338      
Joseph Brown Rusper, Sx 18/07/1633   Chichester STC I/18/278b Daughter: Susan Leachford wife of Thomas (& her daughter Phebe), Sara Fenner wife of Arthur, Phebe Simons wife of William
Son: William (executor) and his wife Jane (& their sons John, Thomas & Henry)
Daughter in law: Elizabeth,
Others: Mary Fowler (maid), Robert Matthew, Eleanor Evershed (maid), Joseph Bristowe
Oversears: Benjamin Browne & Arthur Fenner
BrW1534 Transcript
Joseph Brown West Hoathly, Sx 18/01/1649 09/08/1649 PCC Prob 11/209/28   BrT1516  
Joseph Brown Westerham, Knt 03/06/1656 12/07/1656 PCC Prob 11/257/258 Wife: Dorothy
Sons: Giles, Edmund, Richard, Joseph (youngest)
Daughters: Hannah, Rachel
BrG1550 Copy
Joseph Brown Cuckfield, Sx 11/03/1716
(Note: 'Will' shows 1715)
1715 LEWES A49.P107 Sister: Elizabeth Comber of Cuckfield (widow)
Nephews: Thomas Brown of West Hoathly, Andrew/Ambrose Browne of West Hoathly Sarah Comber.
Other: Elizabeth wife of John Humphrey


Joseph Brown West Hoathly, Sx 10/12/1708 14/01/1726 LEWES A52.P120 Daughter: Jane (under 24)
Sons: William, Nathaniel, Abell, Joseph, Thomas (all under 24), John (under 26)
BrJ1659 Read-most
Joseph Brown Sevenoaks, Kent 28/01/1719 16/06/1727

Perculiar Shoreham 217

Son: James (executor)
Daughters: Hannah Fletcher, Elizabeth Chittenden (late wife of Samuel Chittenden), Mary Jeffery (deceased).
Son in law: Samuel Chittenden
Grandchildren: Joseph, James & John Browne sons of James plus Edy, Elizabeth, William & Joan children of James (under 21); William Fletcher son of Hannah; 8 unnamed children of Elizabeth; Mary, Sarah, William, Joseph, Hannah & Ann Jeffery children of Mary (all under 21)
Witnesses: Mary Tomlyn, Margaret Brattle, George Tomlyn.
Properties: Colemans (near French Street, Westerham), Skars (in Wrotham, Sheham & Kensing)
BrG1614 Transcript
Joseph Brown West Hoathly, Sx   21/04/1738 PCC Prob 11/688/377   BrJ1659  
Joseph Brown Oxted, Sy   20/08/1740 PCC Prob 11/704/92      
Joseph Brown Worth, Sx   1793 LEWES A66.P631 Wife: Sarah
Daughter: Mary
Son: John
Joseph Brown Ifield, Sx   26/03/1801 PCC Prob 11/1354/268      
Joseph Brown Ifield, Sx   18/05/1814 PCC Prob 11/1556/36      
Joseph Brown Balcombe, Sx 15/03/1830 11/05/1836 LEWES A79.P105 Sons: Richard, Joseph
Daughtetr of late wife: Ann, wife of James Potter of Horsham
Executors: James Potter & William Gibb


Joseph Brown Worth, sx   21/06/1851 PCC Prob 11/2133/406      
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Margery Brown (widow) Ifield, Sx   11/06/1629 LEWES B6.P31 Administration    
Mary Brown (Widow) Horsted Keynes, Sx 13/11/1739 1739 LEWES A56.P79 Son: James
Granddaughter: Mary, Martha (Kronard or Leonard??)
BrW1610 Read-some
Mary Brown (Spinster) East Grinstead, Sx 16/12/1810 18/07/1811 LEWES A71.P78     Read-None


Mary Brown (spinster) Ditchling, Sx   26/07/1845 PCC Prob 11/2020/331      
Matthew Brown (Sir-of Betchworth Castle) Dorking, Sy 04/12/1553 07/09/1557 PCC Prob 11/39/370 Father: Sir George Brown (deceased)
Sons: Henry (deceased) & his wife Katherine (deceased and daughter of William Shelley), Richard (executor), Edward (deceased), George, Walter, Owen
Daughter: Agnes
Grandsons: Thomas Browne (son of Henry) (executor), Philip Brown (son of Edward)
Others: John Oaryll (overseer)
BrT1413 Transcript
Matthew Brown (Sir-of Betchworth Castle) Dorking, Sy   19/04/1608 PCC Prob 11/111/311      
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Nathaniel Brown West Hoathly, Sx 13/12/1686 17/07/1687 LEWES A38.P43 Daughters: Mary (wife of Charles Smith), Elizabeth, Lucy, Jane, Sarah, Susanna, Martha, Agnes (wife of Jasper Wheeler).
Others: Mr Page of East Grinstead, Charles Smith, Mr John Edsaw of Linfield & Mr Robert Edsaw (overseers)
Witneses: Francis Ellis, Richard Swane, Nath Moore
Properties: the lower five acres, the uper five acres, the plaw Riddens,the upper Riddens, the rough Riddens, the lower Riddens,, Colliers Lodge, the Stripe: the Lanes lodge, the two Perry feildes, Bretthouse, the browne croft, the Watts croft
BrT1516 Transcript



Nathaniel Brown West Hoathly, Sx 17/02/1698 14/07/1698

also 6/11/1745

LEWES A43.P103
also shown under LEWES A57.P265
Wife: Timothy (executor)
Son: Timothy (executor)
Overseers: Abraham Nicholas, Thomas Garston, John Prior
Witnesses: John Mason, Sarah Ring, William Griffith
BrJ1546 Copy


Nicholas Brown East Grinstead, Sx   13/04/1671 PCC Prob 11/335/470      
Returns to 'Top of Page' Brown            
Peter Brown Ditchling, Sx 22/11/1771 12/07/1774 LEWES A63.P140 Daughters: Elizabeth Pryor, Mary Holder
Sons: James, Peter (executor), Nathanial
Grandchildren of late son Henry
BrP1689 Read-most
Petronella Brown Fletching, Sx   19/02/1600 LEWES B2.P278 Administration   Read-None