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Summary of Wills of Family Name Tidey


The 'Wills' are of five types. a) Transcripts, b) Abstracts, c) Copies from Microfilm, d) Seen 'Will' microfilm and extracted base information, e) 'Will' listed in an index and not seen or is unreadable. These are in listed in forename/date order.

A lot of 'Wills' do NOT have a transcript but over time hopefully this situation will be improved. Wherever possible I try to show an original copy of the Will' with a transcript. This then enables any later queries to be resolved. NOTE: If anyone reading this page has a Transcript or a good copy of any of the 'Wills' mentioned then I would be very thankful for a copy.

'Wills' have been cross referenced to/from Family Group pages in this site (but in a few cases the link has yet to be established). Where a link is shown under Copy/Transcript, then either a Transcription (or Abstract) of the Will is provided if available or a photocopy from the microfilm.

For shortcut click on appropriate first letter of the forename (if forename letter not shown then no Will details are held).

Name Place Date
Date Proved Ref. Main People Identified Fam Grp
Transcript or Copy: readability
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Aaron Tidey Ewhurst   1601 LMA-DW/PA/ 05/1601/079      
Anthony Tidey Ockley   1607 LMA- DW/PA/ 05/1607/094      
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David Tidey Abinger   1623 LMA-DW/PA/ 05/1623/121      
David Tidey Abinger, Sy   22/02/1664 PCC Prob 11/313/243      
David Tidey Waterland, Abinger,  04/06/1675 1675 LMA-DW/PA/ 05/1675/079     Copy
Daniel Tidey Oxted, Sy   16/01/1851 PCC Prob 11/2126/204      
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Edmund Tidey Ockham; Ewhurst, Abinger,      LMA-DW/PA/ 05/1609/117      
Edward Tidey (Tydee) Lingfield, Sy 15/03/1686 (Note: 'Will' shows 1685) 09/08/1686 LMA-DW/PA/ 05/1686/088 Wife: Elizabeth (executor)
Sons: John, William, Robert ( all under 21)
Daughter: Anne (under 21)
Witnesses: John Constable, George Saxby, Elizabeth Humphrey (or Plawe ?)
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George Tidey Rusper 20/04/1631 26/06/1632 Chichester STC I/18/199 Wife: Margaret
Sons: John, George, Thomas, Henry (youngest son & executor)
Daughters: Elinor (wife of John Lifforde), Agnes (wife of John Stone),
Grandchildren: William, Thomas, Mary and Jane Tidye (children of Thomas all under 21) , George Stone (son of Agnes) + second unnamed child of Agnes (under 7 years)
Sister: Joane Tidie & her daughter Jane
Godchildren: Mary Miles, Cisley Sturgis, William Robinson
Overseers : John Eversed of Ockley and John Stone of Nunnery
Witnesses: John Courthopp and Edward Miles
Properties: Northlands in Horsham
TyG1559 Transcript


George Tidey (the Elder) Crawley, Sx 23/01/1708 (Note: 'Will' shows 1707) 03/07/1708 LEWES A47.P111 Wife: Mary
Daughter: Eleanor, wife of Henry Burstow (+ children)
Sons: John, Henry, William, Thomas, George (executor & prime beneficiary)

Grandson: Ellis Gilham
Witnesses: George Brett, Thomas Gurr, James Jordan.
TyG1559 Transcript


George Tidey Crawley, Sx 02/05/1730 1731 LEWES A53.P187 Sons: George, William,John, Thomas
Daughters: Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah
TyG1559 Read-little
George Tidey (blacksmith) Crawley, Sx   28/04/1792 PCC Prob 11/1218/55      
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Harry Tidey Abinger   1568 LMA-DW/PA/ 05/1568/069      
Hugh Tidey (Tydy) Ewhurst x/03/1574 (Note: 'Will' shows 1573) 29/03/1575 LMA-DW/PA/ 05/1575/018     Copy
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Jane Tidey (tydie) Abinger     LMA-DW/PC/ 05/1691/031      
John Tidey Ockley 08/11/1557 1558 LMA-DW/PA/ 05/1558/27     Copy
John Tidey Cranleigh   1596 LMA-DW/PA/ 05/1596/058      
John Tidey Warnham, Sx 28/05/1632 26/06/1632 Chichester STC I/18/202 Wife: Mary
Mother: unnamed
Brothers: Thomas (a 'Smith' of Rusper, executor), George, Henry
Sisters: Elinor Liford, Agnes ( and her son)
Nephews: William (eldest son of brother Thomas) & his two sisters
Godchildren: Thomas (son of brother Thomas & under 21)
Aunt: Joan Tidie
Kinswoman: Jane Oursteede(?)
Others: my man Robert Studman, Elinor Cox of South Water, Ralph Smith
Overseers: Cozen Evershed of Ockley and John Clowser of ___ marke
Witnesses: Thomas Holland, John Clowser
Properties: Botlings in Ifield
TyG1559 Transcript



John Tidey Abinger   1645 LMA-DW/PA/ 05/1645/055      
John Tidey Crawley, Sx 28/04/1714 1714 LEWES A49.P45 Sister: Elizabeth Gardener + another sister (unnamed)
Kinsman: Thomas Tidey, John Tidey, William Tidey, George Tidey
Others: Henry Burstow, Richard Gillam, Mary Ede, Sara Weller and her sons William & Thomas
TyG1559 Read-some
John Tidey Crawley, Sx   08/12/1791 PCC Prob 11/1212/240      
John Tidey Hartfield, Sx   19/07/1796 PCC Prob 11/1277/275      
John Tidey Worth, Sx   22/08/1816 PCC Prob 11/1583/436      
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Richard Tidey Cranleigh   1606 LMA-DW/PA/ 05/1606/099      
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Stephen Tidey Rusper, Sx   1575 Chichester STC III/G/100      
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Thomas Tidey Abinger   1593 LMA-DW/PA/ 05/1593/027      
Thomas Tidey Alford   1610 LMA-DW/PA/ 05/1610/130      
Thomas Tidey Dunsfold   1608 LMA-DW/PA/ 05/1608/106      
Thomas Tidey Abinger, Sy 30/03/1636 21/11/1638 LMA-DW/PA/ 05/1638/139 Sons: John (eldest- executor), Robert (executor), David, Henry, Thomas
Daughters: Joan (wife of Thomas Longhurst), Mary (wife of Henry Worsfold
Grandchildren: Joan, Margaret & John (children of John); Thomas & John (children of Robert); Thomas & Agnes (children of David); Thomas & Henry (children of Henry); Thomas & Agnes (children of Thomas & wife Margaret); Thomas, Agnes, Walter, Mary, Joan & Catherine Longhurst (children of Joan); Angel, David, John, Jane, & Mary Worsfold (children of Mary)
Others: Thomas Feeharry (godson), Richard Hollone (servant to son John)
Overseers: William Margesson of Ockley; David Tydie of Waterland
Witnesses: William Margesson; Richard Nye ; Thomas Chennell
Properties: Bridgeham at Abinger, Salmon Woolpit, Daniellfield and Readhurste, Ewhurst
Thomas Tidey Horsham, Sx   03/07/1660 PCC Prob 11/298/645      
Thomas Tidey Horsham, Sx   1736 Chichester STC I/36/76     Copy


Thomas Tidey Horsham, Sx 18/10/1748 1751 Chichester STC I/39/157    



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William Tidy Abinger   20/09/1557 LMA-DW/PA/ 05/1557/075/F     Copy
William Tidey Rusper, Sx   1597 Chichester STC I/14/494     unreadable- can't identify
William Tidey Rusper, Sx 09/02/1664
(Note: 'Will' shows 1663)
11/07/1664 Chichester STC I/23/218 Wife: Elizabeth (executor)
Sons: William (eldest & executor)), John, Thomas (youngest)
Father: Thomas Tidy (overseer)
Others: Aunt Tidy
Overseers: brother in law Thomas Brytt
Witnesses - George Milles, William Greenfeild, Richard Kempsall
TyG1559 Transcript


William Tidey Newdigate, Sy   21/08/1689 PCC Prob 11/396/231      
William Tidey (senior) Rudgwick, Sx   1703 Chichester STC I/30/635     Copy


William Tidey (miller) Worth, Sx   11/05/1835 PCC Prob 11/1847/236      
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